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Research by 47 students to be presented at national conference

April 10, 2013

NCUR, which is expected to draw more than 3,000 students from 48 states and seven countries, will be held Thursday, April 11, through Saturday, April 13, at UW-La Crosse.

Four faculty and one staff member also will attend. They are: Chris Ferguson, social science; Brian Knaeble, mathematics; Leni Marshall, English and philosophy; Susan McClelland, McNair Scholars Program coordinator; and Susan Wolfgram, human development and family studies.

The UW-Stout students, their poster titles and advisers are:

• Melisa Berg, of Ridgeland, “The Male Inmate Perspective on Substance Abuse Treatment in Jail”; Susan Wolfgram

• Callie Bernier, of Land O’Lakes, “Wet Prairie Restoration Methods Affect Native Species Richness and Transplant Survival. Mediated by Canada Thistle”; Amanda Little

• Jessica Boone, of Marshfield, “Sibling Birth Order, Gender and the Neglected Middleborn Effect”; Helen Swanson

• Katelyn Casey, of Racine, “How to Succeed in Higher Ed with a Learning Disability”; Susan Wolfgram

• Nicole Casperson, of Oshkosh, and Megan Daniels, of Oshkosh, “Understanding Age in the Workforce: The Teacher’s Influence”; Leni Marshall

• Martha Fagan, of River Falls, Thomas Shapaker, of Belgium, Wis., and Audrey Freischel, of Cottage Grove, Minn., “An Insight into the Effects of Hypertension on Organs and Blood Vessels: A Comparison Between Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats and Wistar Kyoto Rats”; Maleka Hashmi

• Samuel Foster, of New Richmond, “Evaluating the Financial Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Farmers in Wisconsin”; Inoussa Boubacar

• Cheryl Fricke, of Eau Claire, “Technology and Relationship to Quality of Life in Later Adulthood”; Susan Wolfgram

Michael Gillette• Michael Gillette, of Amery, “Phylogeny of Microcystin-Producing Cyaobacteria in Lake Menomin”; Steven Nold

• Greta Hau, of Kiel, “Relations Between Facebook and Body Esteem Comparing College Freshmen and College Senior Women”; Susan Wolfgram

• Julia Heck, of Durand, and Amber Roberts, of Greenville, “The Relationship between Gender and First-Generation College Students”; Susan Wolfgram

• Linnea M.Heintz, of Hawkins, “Affiliation Beneficial or Detrimental to your Emotions and Health”; Jennifer Byrd Craven, Oklahoma State University

• Joshua Herbert, of Onalaska, “A Distributed Paradigm of Mobile Sensor Data Analytics for Evaluating Environmental Exposures”; Wan Bae

• Andrew Hitchcock, of Mason, “The Digitization of Sacred Hmong Texts”; Michael Ogden

• Sarah Kholos, of Los Angeles, “Studying Food Insecurity Within the Local Community-Meaningful Strategies for Addressing the Problem”; Maleka Hashmi

• Michael Krueger, of Milwaukee, “The Telomere-Specific Effect on Inonotus Obliquus Extract on in Vitro Cultured HFF-1 Cells”; James Burritt

• Brittany LeMay, of Chippewa Falls, and Kelli Kistner, of Chippewa Falls “The Impact of STSD on Veteran's Social Relationships”; Susan Wolfgram

• Jeanne Maurer, of Mankato, Minn., and Lisa Anderson, of Eau Claire, “The Relationship Between Media Exposure and Sexual Experiences of College Students”; Susan Wolfgram

• Madison Medenwaldt, of Abbotsford, and Chelsey Brinker, of Stanley, “Attitudes of Truancy Workers Regarding Effective Anti-Truancy Strategies”; Susan Wolfgram

• Kristine Meshak, of Stevens Point, “The Comparison of International and United States College Students: Same-Sex Relationships”; Susan Wolfgram

• Danielle Moehring, of Madison, “Tradescantia Zebina Extracts Inhibit Cancer Cell Growth”; James Burritt

• Megan Moss, of Cumberland , Brianna Farnell, of Minneapolis , Keeshan Rheingans, of Prairie du Sac, and Samantha Truog, of Three Lakes, “Distractions in the Classroom: Effect on Cell Phone Alerts on Student Learning”; Katelyn Hamilton

• Lita Olsen, of Burnsville, Minn., “An Interlanguage: Emerging French and English in Scientific Writing”; Joleen Hanson

• Lauren Randall, of Rosemount, Minn., and Brittany Skopek, of Cedarburg, “The Relationship Between Sleep Patterns and Marital Satisfaction”; Susan Wolfgram

• Julie Randle, of Kenosha, “Disney Dynamics: Language Change in Animated Films Over Time”; Joleen Hanson

• Olivia Schuenke, of Delafield, “Parental Attitudes Towards Children with Perinatal HIV/AIDS”; Susan Wolfgram

• Tanya Stoeklen, of Menomonie, “The Use of Desktop Videoconference to Direct Teach Children with Autism to Answer Personal Identification Questions”; Kathryn Hamilton

• Erin Sullivan, of Marshall, Minn., “Best Practice Interventions for Family Reunification in Child Protective Services”; Susan Wolfgram

• Amanda Wood, of Wausau , and Meagan Krause, of Pickett, “Inter-generational Transfer of Parenting Styles in a Sample of On-site Childcare Parents”; Susan Wolfgram

• Samantha Wooten, of New Prague, Minn., and Ashley Doering, of Gleason, “The Relationship Between Resiliency and Overcoming Obstacles”; Susan Wolfgram

The following students will deliver oral presentations:

• Daniel Jay, of Eden Prairie, Minn.; and Jonathan Knapp, of Chippewa Falls, “ Fractured: A Statistical Analysis of the Frac Sand Mine Industry's Effect on the People of the Chippewa Valley”; Chris Ferguson

• Rory Letteney, of Lake Geneva, “Perceptions of Economic Systems”; Chris Ferguson

• Xu Zhao, of Shenyang, China, “Decidability of Cup Problems and Computation of Solutions”; Brian Knaeble

The presentations at NCUR are coordinated through Research Services at UW-Stout. For more information, click here.


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