Can I apply if I am a freshman?

The main McNair Scholars Program only takes sophomores through seniors. However, we do offer a "Pre-McNair" program which includes workshops geared toward increasing skills needed in graduate school. Look for emails and advertisements on workshop dates or e-mail the McNair staff for future details. In addition, we welcome your interest and we would love to have you become a scholar later in your academic career!

What does "low income" mean?

"Low Income" is defined by the federal government as 150% of the poverty line or lower. In general, if you qualify for PELL, you will be qualified as "low income." See the chart here to determine if you qualify:

What does "first-generation" mean?

"First generation" means that neither of your parents graduated with a four-year degree. You could qualify by: A) Your parents did not complete anything above high school B) Your parents completed an Associate's degree, but nothing higher C) Your parents completed PART of a bachelor's degree, but did not graduate

Can I be a McNair Scholar if I am an online distance education student?

Yes, you can become a McNair Scholar, but only if you are able to come to important workshop and GRE preparation events. The McNair Scholars is designed as a hands-on, in person, program.

What taxes do I need?

The McNair Scholars takes tax information for the year you were accepted or for the year prior to the year you were accepted.

Can I be a McNair Scholar if I want to pursue a Master's degree?

Yes. While the McNair Scholars program prioritizes doctoral degrees, many students pursue a Master's first.

Can I be a McNair Scholar if I want to pursue medical school, law school, or a professional school (such as veterinary, dental, etc)?

No. Unfortunately, the McNair Scholars Program is geared toward ONLY master and doctoral degrees. If, however, you are pursuing a degree with a doctoral component (such as an MD/Ph.D), you are welcome to apply.

Can I apply if I am a senior?

Yes. You can apply if you are a senior, but only if you will be enrolled in the following fall (for the 2016-2017 school year, this would be Fall 2017).

Is research on campus or off campus?

Most research is on campus. However, we do help scholars pursue internships and undergraduate research experiences that are off campus and situated at different universities and organizations.

Will participating cost me anything?

No! The McNair Scholars Program is free. The only cost to you is your time and dedication. The program provides a research stipend of $2800 or an internship opportunity, free GRE preparation workshops, travel to conferences and graduate school visits, and a reduction in application fee waivers.

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