Rebecca Olson

Major: Psychology

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My name is Rebecca Olson. I am an adult student, and live in Menomonie, WI. I have a wonderful family who have become my personal cheering squad. In my spare time I like to cook, spend time outdoors, travel, and play with my children.

College always seemed like a dream that was not obtainable.  One day I woke up and realized I wanted a change. My children needed to see me break education barriers. I wanted my daughter to know that a college degree was obtainable regardless of life circumstances.

I enrolled at the University of Wisconsin Stout where I developed a love for Psychology. As a new semester of classes begin I become more fascinated by the subject. I am interested in personality types and how they influence a person’s behavior. I would like to further my studies in clinical or social psychology.

I would like to leave you with one final thought. It doesn’t matter what situations your previous life included. Don’t give up on your dreams. With hard work and dedication you can choose a path toward personal fulfillment.

 Vong Hang
Major:  Industrial Design

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My name is Vong Hang and I am currently a sophomore in the Industrial Design program at UW-Stout. I was born in La Crosse, WI and moved to Menomonie when I was about four. Throughout high school, I was apart of the TRIO program called ETS (Education Talent Search). With the help of ETS, I had the opportunity to visit multiple UW colleges before deciding to work on my future at Stout. Stout allows me to stay close to home, family, and friends. Stout’s hands-on approach to learning was also the ideal method for me. I am a first generation Hmong college student, as my parents were refugees from Thailand. Knowing of all the challenges and hard work that my parents endured making a living and raising me in the US, completing my undergrad is just the beginning of saying thanks to my parents. Without them I wouldn’t be where I am today and making them proud is my number goal in life which makes education my number one priority.

 I am now a current resident of Eau Claire where I work as an electronics sales associate at Target. I am also an active member in GSA and HSSO. They are organizations in which I identify passionately in. I entered UW-Stout knowing that I wanted to pursue a major in engineering. Little did I know that I wasn’t interested in the mechanical works of engineering, but more in the designing aspect. I was passionate about engineering and had no idea that I would be so much more passionate about the creation that went into engineering. When I discovered Industrial Design, I finally found a major that balances both engineering and art. I had always thought art was just a hobby and that a career couldn’t be made out of it. What grabbed my attention about Industrial Design was the aspect of innovating or creating old and new objects to better the life of our every day tasks. Whether it’s from making an everyday item more elderly accessible or just making an item more aesthetic, Industrial Design is always looking to innovate.

Currently my perspective graduate college is UW-Stout, but I’m also keeping an open mind. As much as I do believe that a good college equals a good education, it really comes down my own effort and motivation to bring me to the top. I believe that with constant motivation and belief in myself and those that have helped me along the way, getting to the top can be easily achieved wherever life takes me.

 Chang Lor
Major:  Cross Media Graphics Management

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Hi. My name is Chang Lor, a transferred student from Northcentral Technical College from Wausau, WI. I transferred as a Junior student last Fall 2015 in the Cross-Media Graphics Management (CMGM) program. I have gained interest in the CMGM program ever since my high school year where I took my first introductory class to the program. I continued on the same program at Northcentral Technical College and transferred to UW Stout for my Bachelors.

Some of my many hobbies include playing the piano, fishing, kayaking, and dancing. After I got enrolled at UW Stout, I put aside my hobbies and focused more on my education, which lead to the many opportunities and involvements around campus that I grew interest in, such as the McNair Scholars program. Besides my involvement with the McNair program, I work as a lab assistant in the Communication Technologies building, involved in a club called Stout Typographical Society (STS), and involved with the Lawton and ASPIRE program. I believe being involved on campus can lead a student to academic success because of the positive support given from their peers and staffs.

Aside from on-campus activities, I am also a graphic designer for the Central Wisconsin Literacy Council (CWLC), a nonprofit organization that helps low-literacy adults in general educations. I have been with the CWLC since 2014, doing design work, such as posters, placemats, brochures, and interactive PDFs, for their many events located in Marshfield, Wausau, and Wisconsin Rapids. Designing for the CWLC has really helped me in professionalizing my communication skills as well as creative skills. Designing for the CWLC has also given real-life experience on meeting deadlines as well as time management.

Upon graduating from UW Stout in Spring of 2018, I plan to continue on my education for my Masters in either Business or Communication, both relating to my Bachelors degree.

 Carol Vang
Major:  Business Administration

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“Hello! My name is Carol Vang. Now I am studying Business Administration and hope to enter the international world, where I can work with different business and learn more about their cultures. I am fully Hmong and very proud of it. I have grown up in a large family all of my life, so being loud is something I am very used to. My family and I have lived in Menomonie for the past 20 years and we enjoy it very much. My home is considered a place of love and giving. I truly enjoy giving back to my family, my peers, and the community. Helping others is defiantly something I hope to continue to do.

As you can see, my family plays a huge role in who I am and who I aspire to be. The love from my family will forever move me forward. In my free time, I spend time with family. Other times, I enjoy watching movies, cooking, and singing. I grew up with a large family, four sisters, and two brothers.

I hope to go to graduate school to learn more about how to work with different businesses around the world as well as understand how business plays a role on each economy. ”


 Charlo Siprien
Major:  Materials and Nano Science

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Hello my name Charlo Siprien, I’m from Miami, FL and currently a junior at UW- Stout double majoring in the Material and Nano Science, and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. I’m in several clubs on campus such as Habitat for Humanity, Ally initiative, and Material Research society. In my free time I like to compete in Powerlifting and Strongman competitions and volunteer around the community.

 My major goal in life is to find ways to better improve society, in doing so I like to research about ballistic armor that can be used in the military or law enforcement and thinking about way to get rid of cancer, one theory that I have is to use sound waves to get rid of cancer. I feel that going to Grad school will give me the tool and information to tackle on my goals.

As of right now I’m doing research with a Physics professor to setup a spatial light modulator lab. The purpose of this lab is help students get a better understanding on the concept of light diffraction, interference, and holography. Hopefully in the next 4 years the lab can be offered as a section for students that take the optics class at UW-Stout.


 Tonisha Hora
Major: Human Development and Family Studies

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My name is Tonisha Hora. I am a first-generation college student who grew up half of my life in Kenosha, WI and the rest of the time in a small northern town called Ogema, WI. I am in my second year of college and first at UW-Stout. I transferred here from UW-Stevens Point. My major is Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS), with a concentration in Social Work. I transferred to UW-Stout because this is where my husband attends and I am 100% thankful for the switch or I would not have the major that I do. I love that Stout has a field completely revolved around the helping professions with so many career opportunities. It is exactly what I was looking for to get into the field I want to work in, which is Child Protective Services/Social Work.

I have done a lot of research work in my major, which all revolves around people. A lot of it involves the development of children, whether physical, cognitive, psychosocially, etc. Other research I have done revolves around social work policies and problems in that area. This is an area that I hope to do some serious research in and potentially work my way up to making changes in policies one day that benefit everyone. I am hoping to get my graduate degree in social work. I want to work in protective services environment where I am able to help children in bad (abusive) home situations because I grew up in a bad house myself and these things are very near and dear to my heart.

When I am not doing school work, I am reading, writing, or watching movies. With my husband, I love to go fishing, kayaking, snowboarding, and more. We enjoy time in the outdoors. I love traveling. I am fortunate to have gotten the chance to go work in South Africa with autistic children and gain a wealth of knowledge in this area of work.

 Miranda Danzeisen
Major:  Applied Science

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Hello! I am Miranda McKay Danzeisen. I am currently an RA in CK and I love it! My residents always keep me on my feet and never fail to make me smile. While I’m not at school or work, I enjoy going to the gym and being with my friends and family. Relationships are very important to me and I devote a lot of time and energy to them. A funny story about me is, I’m named after a bag of flour. My aunt was in Child Development and named her bag of flour that represented a child Miranda McKay. Since my mom thought I was a boy the whole time when I came out she didn’t have a “girl name” ready for me. Therefore, Miranda McKay became my name.

I am in the second year at UW-Stout and I’m majoring in Applied Science with a minor in Psychology and Human Physiology. My dream job is to work at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota as a Pediatric Gastrointestinal Doctor. I have many medical issues including Celiac Disease and a sugar sensitivity, so the digestive system is very interesting to me. I am excited for my future and ready to get started!

 Bridgette Barr
Major:  Vocational Rehabilitation

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Hey! My name is Bridgette Barr, I am a first generation college student in the Vocational Rehabilitation program here at UW-Stout. There has been many things that has brought me to where I am today in my education. I feel that my helpfulness started as a child where I would try to rescue any stray animal that I could find! As I grew older I then started to babysit, help out in the special education classroom, helping a few elderly in my community and got involved in many different organizations. I started college and I did not know exactly what I wanted to go for. As I worked in a behavioral group home, I came to realize that what I really enjoyed was helping my clients to learn and to become as independent as possible. That is when I found the path that I am in now in Vocational Rehab. My plan is to graduate and after I graduate I am looking in to doing my Masters in Occupational Therapy. My goal is to have a great career where I am financially secure where I can continue to help out my community and family.

 Wendi DeMars
Major:  Vocational Rehablitation

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My name is Wendi DeMars and I am a first generation college student who grew up in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. I am currently a sophomore at Stout. I am majoring in Vocational Rehabilitation with concentrations in AODA and mental health. I started school at CVTC in Eau Claire in 2001, as a single mother of a child with special needs and because of the commitment my daughter needed I was unable to finish my education. Now that she is grown up and doing wonderfully I chose to enroll back into school as an adult learner. I chose Stout based on its ranking for Vocational Rehabilitation. I decided on Vocational Rehabilitation because of my experiences with people with disabilities. I enjoy helping people solve problems that will improve their lives.

           I currently work for various people cleaning their homes with my cleaning business. When not working I am attending meetings for a small non-profit in Eau Claire where I am the vice president on the board of directors. I can also be found mentoring women who have disabilities through a program I attend.

           Some things I like to do for recreation include, boating, reading, and camping. I especially enjoy spending time with my daughter and my cat, S’mores. Something I would like to accomplish in my life is writing a book about my daughter, myself and our time together. 

 Courtney Wagner

Major:  Psychology

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My name is Courtney Wagner, and I am a first generation college student in the psychology program here at UW-Stout. At first, psychology did not spark much interest in me until I started to take more relevant courses and realized how fascinating it could be to learn about ourselves and why we behave the way we do. Also, earning a psychology degree can be very rewarding and open up other possibilities so that is why I strongly believe that it is the best choice for fulfilling my goal of pursuing a Master’s degree in social work after graduation. Volunteering, spending time outdoors, and socializing with family and friends are a few activities I enjoy outside of my education.

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” – Albert Einstein

May 2017 Graduates 

Stephanie Neas

Major:  Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Attending CUNY in New York

Antoinette Lyte-Evans  
Major:  Business Administration

Joshua Diamond
Major:  Applied Science

Attending University of Wisconsin-Madison

Javante Watson-Hall
Major:  Human Development and Family Studies

Cassandra Shoemaker

Major:  Psychology

Attending Alder University-Chicago

Matthew Olson
Major:  Food Science and Technology

Mariah Bates
Major:  Applied Social Science

Attending University of Wisconsin-Stout

Kang Chu Thao  
Major: Apparel Design and Development 


May 2016 Graduates

 James Vance
Major:  Cognitive Science

Attending University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire

Charles Deniger
Major:  Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

 De'Andre Jones
Major:  Family and Consumer Sciences Education

Attending University of Seattle

 Keodara Moua
Major:  Human Development and Family Studies

Attending University of St. Kate's/St. Thomas

 Ashley Spinler
Major:  Psychology

Attending St. Cloud State University

 Morgan Wolf
Major:  Psychology

Attending Naropa University

Joseph Loeffler  
Major: Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Attending Minnesota State University- Mankato

 December 2015 Graduates

 Esuvat Mollel
Major:  Business Administration and Hospitality Management

Attending University of Minnesota

 Alexa Evon DeMoe
Major: Vocational Rehabilitation

Attending University of Wisconsin-Stout

 Ethan Tostrud
Major:  Business Administration

 Lydia Pfluger
Major:  Human Development and Family Studies

Attending University of Minnesota

 May 2015 Graduates

 Carlea Jo Lauer
Major:  Vocational Rehabilitation

Attending University of Arizona

 Zachary Atkinson

Major:  Applied Science

Attending University of Minnesota

 Stephanie Pozuelos
Major: Human Development and Family Studies

Attending Portland State University

 Samantha Fredrickson
Major:  Applied Science

Attending Missouri State University

Michael Bond
Major:  Vocational Rehabilitation

Attending University of Wisconsin-Stout

Amanda Smith
Major:  Environmental Science

Attending University of Wisconsin-Madison

Wade Meyers 
Major: Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Attended Colorado School of Mines-Golden

December 2014 Graduates 

 Jasmine Valentine
Major:  Psychology

Attended University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Tanya Riggs  
Major:  Psychology

Attending University of Wisconsin-Stout

Chad Biggers  
Major:  Business Administration

Attending Case Western University

National McNair Conference 2013

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May 2014 Graduates

Bao Lee
Major:  Vocational Rehabilitation

Attending University of Wisconsin-Madison

Jesse Bruce
Major:  Psychology

Attending Villanova University

Justin Nelson
Major:  Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Kayte Todd
Major:  Fine Arts

Logan Michels

Major:  Psychology

Graduated Minnesota State University-Mankato-Masters Degree

Mary Marchiafava
Major:  Applied Science

Michael Krueger
Major:  Applied Science

Pang Vang
Major:  Fine Arts

Attending Hunter College

Samantha Wieczorek
Major:  Business Administration and Supply Chain Management

2013 Graduates

Diane Witcher
Major:  Fine Arts

Attending University of Texas-Austin

Kaitlyn Olson
Major:  Psychology

Graduated Loyola University of Chicago- EdS 

Lara Dodge
Major:  Psychology

Attending University of Colorado-Colorado Springs

Alex Pishler
Major:  Psychology 

Graduated University of Wisconsin-Stout- Masters Degree
Attending University of Wisconsin-Stout- Education Specialist Degree

Alexa Levie
Major:  Applied Science

Kang Vang
Major:  Applied Science

Callie Bernier
Major:  Applied Science

Graduated from University of Edinburgh Scotland-Masters Degree

Tanner Tomesh
Major:  Game Design and Development

Tanya Stoeklen
Major:  Vocational Rehabilitation

Graduated Southern Illinois University- Masters Degree

2012 Graduates

Kirk Coughlin
Major:  Applied Science

Attended University of Alabama

Lacy Holzer
Major:  Dietetics

Susan LoRusso
Major:  Food Systems and Technology

Graduated from University of Minnesota-Masters Degree
Attending University of Minnesota-PhD

Houa Lee
Major:  Human Development and Family Studies

Josephine Kilde
Major:  Information and Communication Technologies

Graduated from University of Colorado-Boulder-PhD

Linnea Heintz
Major:  Psychology

Graduated from University of Arkansas-Masters Degree
Attending University of Arkansas-PhD

Jessica Boone
Major:  Psychology

Attending Emporia State University

Jamal Khan
Major:  Management

Graduated from UW-Stout-Masters Degree
Attending Florida Atlantic University-PhD

2011 Graduates

Keila Tirado (Leist)
Major:  Technical Communications

Attended University of St. Thomas

Kao Lee Yang
Major:  Psychology

Graduated Ball State University- Masters Degree

Mai Cha Lee (Marks)
Major:  Human Development and Family Studies

Jane Anderson
Major:  Psychology

Graduated from UW-Stout- Masters Degree

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