We prioritize our projects based on the strategic goals of the university, using this system to allocate staff time and resources to ensure that marketing efforts:

  • are applied appropriately
  • can be measured, if possible
  • are working to achieve institutional priorities

Level One projects are institution-wide, are directed primarily at external audiences, and directly support UW-Stout's mission, or enhance our image, brand or reputation. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Student recruitment and retention
  • Strategic, institutional initiatives or objectives
  • Advancement, fundraising or partnerships with outside entities
  • Academics or curricular information

Level Two projects are directed at external or primary internal audiences, and support college, school, department or special initiatives and campaigns. They include: 

  • Department, college, school or individual program promotional materials
  • Recurring annual events
  • Special events with external attendees, performances, campus-wide activities
  • Research projects or initiatives
  • Fee for service projects

Level Three projects are directed at primary internal audiences by individual departments, offices or units. They are produced by student designers, working under the supervision of professional staff and include: 

  • Internal promotions
  • One-time internal events
  • Student activities