Learning Technology Services (LTS) wants you to have a successful presenting experience. For the best possible success, you should follow the outline in the order in which it is presented below. Be certain to read all associated tip sheets completely before moving on to the next section. These tip sheets will help you to be aware of new guidelines, UW-Stout standards for poster printing as they have been given to LTS, and other information that will help you succeed with your poster.

EventDateSubmission Deadline*
Template to Use
NCUR 2016
 April 7 March 25NCUR
Posters in the Rotunda April 13
March 30
Horizontal or Vertical
UW Symposium
 April 14 March 31Horizontal or Vertical
Research Day April 19 April 4Horizontal or Vertical
Poster Cutoff Dates**
April 12-20

*Posters submitted after deadlines will be printed on a first-come, first-served basis. No guarantee is made that posters will be printed in time for events if not submitted by the deadline date.

**Posters which will be paid for by Research Services and submitted during the poster cutoff dates cannot be printed by LTS without approval from Elizabeth Buchanan at Research Services.

Steps for Getting a Research Poster Printed

  1. Complete your research

  2. Choose the poster type you need to print
    1. Use one of the PowerPoint templates provided, as they contain the UW-Stout Shield and Bars logo, which is now a UW-Stout Required Standard for research poster printing. Note: Research posters submitted without the Shield and Bars logo or who have violated the usage of the logo cannot be printed by LTS.
    2. Choose the template you will use based on the event(s) at which you will present.

NOTE: LTS encourages you to use the PowerPoint templates whenever possible. However, if you are required by your instructor or department to use Adobe Illustrator for poster production, please use the provided Illustrator templates. If you are presenting at NCUR and other events you should use the NCUR template. If you want to use the NCUR template for any event other than NCUR, you must get prior approval from Research Services.

PowerPoint Templates

Illustrator Templates

  1. Follow the guideline and tips for developing your poster. Read these before starting work on your poster.
      1. Developing a Research Poster
      2. Poster Printing Tips
        1. NCUR Requirements and Recommendations
        2. UW-Stout Research Services Requirements and Recommendations (for all non-NCUR posters)
        3. Logo Usage (same for all posters) 
        4. How to Size Titles Correctly
  2. Proofread your poster
      1. Have roommates, classmates, or research partners proofread the poster
      2. Have your research advisor or another trusted instructor proofread the poster
        1. Fix errors in spelling, language syntax, readability
        2. Fix errors in logo usage, layout, organization
        3. Note: If Research Services is paying for the printing of your poster, they will pay only one time. If your poster must be reprinted because of typos or other errors, it is at your own cost. Posters paid for with checks (we do not accept cash, credit, or debit cards), are charged 5.5% tax in addition to the cost of the reprint..

      3. Name your poster
        1. Use the proper poster file naming conventions
        2. Save your poster
          1. As a PowerPoint 2013 or earlier PowerPoint show AND
          2. As a PDF file - How to save your poster as a PDF
  3. Complete the Research Poster Submission form
    How to Download and Fill Out the Form using Internet Explorer
    How to Download and Fill Out the Form using Mozilla Firefox
    Download the Research Poster Submission Form
      1. You must complete section A—we cannot release your poster to you if Section A is not completed.
      2. Section B is optional— More information about Minds@UW-Stout
      3. Section C is optional—More information about UW-Stout use of student posters
      4. Save the poster submission form as a PDF and name it using proper file naming convention
        1. How to save the Poster Submission form as a PDF
        2. Naming conventions for the Poster Submission form PDF
  4. Submit the 1) PowerPoint version of the poster, 2) the PDF version of the poster, and 3) the Research Poster Submission form to LTS.
    Attach the three files and send the email to researchposters@uwstout.edu

  5. Pick up your poster and sign for it
    Please come for pickup within one business day after LTS notifies you that your poster is ready.
    1. LTS is open 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM, Monday-Friday