Tegrity is a lecture capture tool that can be used to record your lectures and presentations on your own laptop, from anywhere you have internet connectivity.


Tegrity updated smoothly!

Most instructors were completely unaware that an update took place for Tegrity in early July 2012. Which is exactly how we like it! Only a couple of students noted changes, and both were due to a plug-in needed to update their browsers. Some significant upgrades are listed below:

  • Improved test proctoring
  • Mobile app improvements on IOS and Android
  • Offline viewing in Android
  • Mobile App Video recording with mobile apps
  • Smoother and more transparent recorder upgrades
  • Kindle Fire support via Tegrity Mobile App.
  • Various upgrades in the administrative area

Please be aware that while these and other items are available, not all features are available to both instructors and students, though many are.  Stout is working on implementation of some of these items, which includes necessary attention to security. Administrators will also be participating in further training in September to learn more about some of these features. 

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