UW-Stout Faculty Poster Printing

About Printing

Learning Technology Services (LTS) offers poster and other large-scale printing to UW-Stout faculty and staff.
Students who want poster printing information should visit the Research Poster Printing site at

There are six steps involved in printing:

  1. Research: Complete your research
  2. Assembly: Use the templates and/or logos provided to create your poster (see below).
  3. Proofreading: Ensure that your information and spelling are accurate. LTS does not provide proofreading services.
  4. Submission: Submit your poster in PowerPoint and PDF formats to researchposters@uwstout.edu. For those using Illustrator, the Illustrator and PDF files should be submitted. If your files are too large to submit via email, call x1223 to make other arrangements for submission.
  5. Printing: LTS prints your poster.
  6. Payment and Pickup: When the printing of your poster is completed, you will be notified. We can release the poster to you upon payment.


After completing your research or gathering your information, you should start on the assembly stage. If you are presenting at a conference, check to see if there are restrictions or guidelines on the size of poster you create. If there are no restrictions, you can use one of the templates below. If the templates below do not fit within the guidelines of your conference, we can assist you in making a template to fit your requirements. Please contact Rich Berg bergr@uwstout.edu if you need help with a non-standard template size.

Please note that the maximum printing width of our printers is 42 inches, so one dimension of your poster (either width or height) must be 42 inches or less.

PowerPoint Templates

Illustrator Templates

Download the Horizontal Template

Download the Horizontal Template

Download the Vertical Template

Download the Vertical Template

When conducting research or co-presenting with people from other colleges, universities, or private industry, it may be desirable to present the UW-Stout logo and logo of the co-presenter in equal size and positioning within the poster. In such cases, the use of an alternate UW-Stout logo is permissible. If you intend to use an alternate logo, please choose from the ones below, which have been approved by University Communications.

UW-Stout Dark Logo (For Use on Light Backgrounds)

UW-Stout Light Logo (For Use on Dark Backgrounds)

Download the appropriate logo to your computer and then choose Insert>>Picture in PowerPoint to place the logo on your poster. If resizing the logo, please hold down the Shift key while clicking and dragging to ensure the proportions will stay the same.



LTS does not provide proofreading services. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your poster is correct when it is submitted. After checking it yourself, ask a friend or colleague to proofread it as well. Due to the high cost of materials, LTS cannot provide free or reduced-cost reprints to fix typos or other errors not caused by LTS.


Submission and Printing

When you have completed your poster, you should submit it to researchposters@uwstout.edu. Your submission should include the following items and information:

  • The PowerPoint or Illustrator file of your poster using proper naming conventions
  • A PDF copy of the poster file using proper naming conventions
  • Your name, department, and phone number.
  • The date by which you would like your project finished. The time it will take to print your poster will be determined by how busy we are. Please allow 2-3 business days for printing.
  • The method of payment you will use: departmental requisition, cash, or check.

Payment & Pickup

Payment can be made through departmental requisition, cash, or check. LTS cannot process credit or debit cards. Items paid for with a departmental requisition are not charged tax. Items paid for with cash or check must be charged tax of 5.5%. The pricing lists below indicate prices before tax.

Posters are printed on satin paper with gloss enhancer, unless directed otherwise. A cardboard poster box is included in the price of your poster. Other print jobs not requiring a poster box will be packaged in other format-appropriate materials.

The cost of printing depends on your intended use. Education-related printing, including research or conference posters, is charged at $5 per square foot. Printing for items not directly related to conferences or instruction is priced at $7 per square foot. Due to legal concerns, LTS cannot reprint copyrighted works without proof of proper clearances.

For pricing information, contact Rich Berg.

When printing is complete, you will be notified by phone or email. You will also be notified of the location where you should go to pick up your poster. When payment has been received, your poster will be released to you.


Foam Core Mounting

We can mount photos or posters that are 30 inches by 42 inches or less on foam core . Mounting on foam core will add production time to your poster or photo printing. Prices are as follows:

  • Education and conference related items: $1 per square foot., plus $15 per hour. Minimum of 1 hour charged. Additional time rounded up to the nearest hour
  • Non-educational items: $2 per square foot, plus $15 per hour. Minimum of 1 hour charged. Additional time rounded up to the nearest hour.

Educational Example: A research or conference poster, or education related image that is 24 inches by 36 inches (6 square feet), takes us 1.75 hours to mount it on foam core. You would be charged $6 for the foam core (6 square feet times $1 per square foot) + $30  for mounting ($15 for the first hour and $15 for the additional 45 minutes, rounded up to the next full hour). If you pay with a departmental requisition, there is no tax charged, so your total would be $36. If you pay with cash or check (we cannot accept credit or debit cards) we would charge you 5.5% tax ($1.98) for a total of 37.98. This price estimate does not include the price of the printing itself.

Non-Educational Example: A personal photograph unrelated to instruction that is 12 inches by 24 inches takes us 1.5 hours to mount it on foam core. You would be charged: $4 (2 square feet at $2 per square foot) + $30 for mounting ($15 for the first hour and $15 for the additional half-hour, rounded up to the next full hour) +  $1.87(5.5% tax) for a total of $35.87 This price estimate does not include the price of the printing itself.