What is Socrative?

Socrative is a web-based smart student response system used to deploy polls and quizzes for instant feedback and self-assessment. Socrative works with any device that has internet access.

How is Socrative applied in learning environments?

Socrative is intended as a fun,engaging tool. It may be used for formative assessment, exit polls, and to acquire general feedback. You can also create fun games and exercises for small teams.

Is Socrative supported by UW-Stout?

No, Socrative is not supported by UW-Stout,but our staff are willing to provide a demo or custom training session to three or more instructors upon request.


Free for 50 users per activity. The tool is currently in beta. In the future, if new features are added, there may be additional pricing plans.

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Required Skill Level:
Benefits: Allows for real-time quizzing and polling and is free for up to 50 users per activity.
Challenges: Requires a laptop or mobile device with internet access. Quizzes only allow for limited question formats(i.e.,multiple-choice or short answer questions).

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