What is Screencast?

Screencast is a simple, free screen capture tool that allows users to make movies of your computer screen. Content can be shared easily and users control the rights to their own content and can see who views the content.

How is Screencast applied in learning environments?

Instructors may use Screencast to collect and share feedback on a design or development project.

Is Screencast supported by UW-Stout?

Yes! We provide tutorials and offer 20-30 min. individual training sessions to instructors upon request.


Free accounts include 2GB of storage space and 2GB of monthly bandwith. For extra features, Pro Accounts are $9.95 a month.

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Screencast website


View Screencast tutorials.



Required Skill Level:
Benefits: Easy-to-use, user-owned and controlled content
Challenges: Users may find challenges with setting permissions or restrictions.

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