What is Mimio?


Mimio offers a number of interactive whiteboard solutions. These solutions are affordable alternatives to smartboards. 


The MimioTeach™ is a device that attaches to a magnetic whiteboard and enables you to use a stylus to draw on the whiteboard and record your writing. It also enables you to manipulate programs and applications from your computer that are projected onto the whiteboard.   



MimioCapture™ is an accessory to the MimioTeach™ unit that allows you to capture whiteboard notes and drawings without the use of a projector. The Capture unit requires the Teach components, so both items will need to be purchased.

How is Mimio applied in learning environments?

The MimioTeach™ and MimioCapture™ can help to encourage active learning by allowing instructors to create engaging interactive activities with both the whiteboard and computer applications. Whiteboard notes can be captured into slides for students to revisit problems after class. Instructors may also use the built in Mimio recorder or Tegrity (Lecture Capture) to narrate their process while working through problems.

Is Mimio supported by UW-Stout?

No. Learning Technology Services will offer assistance in how to best use the MimioTeach unit, but primary support is offered by Mimio Technical Support.


As of March 2013, MimioTeach™ and MimioCapture™ are being offered as a bundle for $999.00. Learning Technology Services will assist you by obtaining a quote from our regional distributor.

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Contact Jim Guenther for more details. For a list of upcoming Mimio Capture Demos, please see our Training and Workshops page. 


View Mimio tutorials.



Required Skill Level: Beginner
Benefits: Affordable and easy to use, saves whiteboard notes and drawings, allows you to create interactive lessons.
Challenges: There may be some room limitations when using the MimioTeach™ with a projector, so please contact an LTS consultant to see if Mimio will meet your needs. In order to use the Capture unit you must also have the Teach unit.

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