What is Tegrity?

Tegrity Campus was chosen as UW-Stout's lecture capture in early 2011. To read more, please visit the Tegrity login page (Note: Login is at the bottom of the page).

How is Tegrity applied in learning environments?

Tegrity is now available to any UW-Stout instructor interested in utilizing this recording tool for on-campus, online, or hybrid courses. 

Is Tegrity supported by UW-Stout?

Yes! We offer training sessions, tutorials, and some technical support.


Free to UW-Stout instructors

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Getting an account to use the Tegrity lecture capture system requires a brief but important training, and to date the trainings have been held face to face in Millennium Hall. The goal, however, has always been to get this training online, so any instructor can access it from on or off campus. This option is especially important for instructors who are teaching online and seldom visit campus. The goal is to have this up and running in early July 2012. Watch the UW-Stout Today daily e-mail announcements, or for those anxious early adopters, contact lecturecap or Sali Mounce for more information!

Once your account is set up, login here


Visit the Tegrity tutorials page or view the Tegrity login page.



Required Skill Level:

  • Capture lectures with nothing more than a computer and microphone
  • Recorded content is available 24/7
  • Help students retain more and achieve higher levels of performance

Challenges: None

Contact Information

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Jane Henderson, Director
301 Millennium Hall

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