What is Blackboard Collaborate?

Blackboard Collaborate is a synchronous web conferencing tool that is integrated with Learn@UW-Stout (D2L). Blackboard Collaborate allows you to create virtual classrooms, offices and meeting spaces.

How is Blackboard Collaborate applied in learning environments?

Blackboard Collaborate enables instructors and students to communicate directly through a Voiceover Internet (VoIP) audio connection and see PowerPoint slide sets, whiteboards, text chats, and more. Meetings can be recorded by instructors and made available for student playback. 

Is Blackboard Collaborate supported by UW-Stout?

Yes! Blackboard Collaborate is offered to instructors with classes in Learn@UW-Stout (D2L).



Get It Here

The Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing tool is available to all instructors using Learn@UW-Stout. If you would like a training session (recommended), please contact Rich Berg for more information.


View Blackboard Collaborate tutorials.

Blackboard Collaborate

blackboard collaborate

Required Skill Level:
Benefits: Synchronous, recordable, integrates with Learn@UW-Stout (D2L)
Challenges: Requires training, microphone and speakers or headset required


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