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The Online Teaching Short Course is intended to help educators more effectively facilitate an online course. Facilitated by Learning Technology Services' Rich Berg, this course will assist educators with how to structure and manage the online teaching environment. It provides a basic foundation for teaching online and does not delve into course development and design. Upon completion of the Short Course, participants will have completed course components for inclusion in their online course and developed strategies for facilitating the online learning experience.

Goal of the Online Teaching Short Course: Participants will gain expertise to more effectively facilitate their online courses.


  • Participants will create three online learning elements/activities for their online course.
  • Participants will develop a course syllabus that includes instructor and student expectations for the online course.
  • Participants will choose instructional strategies that are compatible with their online course goals/objectives, their technology strengths and skill set.
  • Participants will generate/develop a process for problem solving online course concerns.

The Short Course is designed for instructors new to online teaching or who would like a refresher focused on managing the online learning environment. Participants should be familiar with the LEARN@UW-Stout learning management system prior to enrolling in the short course. Please note: This course is not a course about LEARN@UW-Stout (LMS). Please contact Jane Henderson at hendersonj@uwstout.edu or 715/232-5005 regarding LEARN@UW-Stout (LMS) expectations.

Short Course Format and Time Commitment:
The Online Teaching Short Course is a three-week online course, but it can be completed over a long weekend (i.e., three to five days), if desired. It consists of four modules designed to enhance the online teaching experience and course. Participants should expect to spend a minimum of three hours on each module. Each module involves both reading and activities that focus on the creation of element/activity that can be used in your online course. The modules are:

♦    Introduction     ♦     Course Management     ♦      Online Strategies     ♦     Favorite Practices

Course Start Dates:

January 2015 Short Course 

May 2015 Short Course

  • Register by: Dec. 29, 2014
  • Pre-course information will be sent out Jan. 2, 2015
  • Course begins: Jan. 5, 2015
  • Course ends: Jan. 25, 2015             
  • Register by: TBD
  • Course begins: TBD
  • Course ends: TBD
To register, please contact Millie Kotulek at kotulekm@uwstout.edu or 715/232-1131.