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The Online Teaching Short Course (OTSC) is intended to help UW-Stout instructors more effectively facilitate an online course. The OTSC is facilitated by Rich Berg of Learning Technology Services. This course will assist UW-Stout instructors in approaching and managing the online teaching environment. It provides a basic foundation for teaching online and is hosted in the Learn@UW-Stout (D2L) Learning Management System. Upon completion of the OTSC, participants will have completed course components for inclusion in their online course and developed strategies for facilitating the online learning experience.

Goal of the Online Teaching Short Course: Participants will gain expertise to more effectively facilitate their online courses.


  • Participants will create three online learning elements/activities for their online course, including a script for an introduction video, an online course syllabus, and discussion grading rubric.
  • Participants will investigate a non-LMS tool and make notes on its possibilities for enhancing learning in an online course.
  • Participants will choose instructional strategies that are compatible with their online course goals/objectives, their technology strengths and skill set.
  • Participants will be exposed to student perspectives on what constitutes quality in an online course.
The OTSC is designed for UW-Stout instructors new to online teaching or who would like a refresher focused on managing the online learning environment.. Participants should be familiar with the LEARN@UW-Stout learning management system prior to enrolling in the short course. Please note: This course is not a how-to course about LEARN@UW-Stout (LMS).

Online Teaching Short Course Format and Time Commitment:
This offering of the Online Teaching Short Course is being delivered in a three-week format, but it can be completed over a long weekend (i.e., three to five days), if desired. It consists of four modules designed to enhance the online teaching experience and course. Participants should expect to spend a minimum of three hours on each module. Each module involves both reading and activities that focus on the creation of artifacts that can be used in your online course. The modules are:
Presence     ♦     Course Management     ♦      Online Strategies     ♦     Favorite Practices


Registration is now open for the May/June 2017 offering of the course. Please click here to register for the course. The course runs from May 31 to June 21.


As an adjunct professor teaching online courses, I feel I've learned a lot from the Online Teaching Short Course. Not only the contents and knowledge taught by the the course, this course creates a community so the online instructors from multiple disciplines worked together sharing the success stories, experiences and best practices related  to online teaching. In addition, the OTSC also shows that UW-Stout's "student centered" philosophy, the continuous improvement of teaching skill will improve the quality of the online course delivery and enhance students' learning outcome. Thanks for doing that. Yanhui Huang

I am so glad I took the OTSC. In a short and manageable amount of time, I walked away with new, usable knowledge that I could put right to use in my online and hybrid courses. I learned as much from the OTSC's pristine course design as I did from its content, and the knowledge I gained from both was well worth my time and attention. Shelley Donnelly

I was hesitant about teaching an online course because I was afraid of not having a strong connection with the students, as one does in a face-to-face class. But through the Online Teaching Short Course (OTSC) I learned ways to enhance presence in an online format. I created an introduction video to include with my course, learned how to design a syllabus tailored to online learners, developed a rubric specific to discussion boards, and used Camtasia 9 to create video lectures to enhance weekly lessons, among other things. I have already gotten positive feedback from the students and am glad to say that there is a connection with them that I'm not sure I would have known how to develop without taking this course. Becky Marine