Computer Purchasing

Departments are responsible for providing faculty and staff with an appropriate computer hardware. Information on the purchasing of computers is available from Procurement and Materials Management.

Computer equipment, like all state resources, are the property of the University and the State. Only through campus surplus sales can ownership of assets be transferred to individuals.

Asset Management 

Each department designates one or more inventory administrators who have the ability to review and update departmental inventory, including updating the assigned user, department, computer description, or notes. Inventory Administrators as identified by their department can access inventory by visiting the self-service help desk and clicking "Inventory Audit" in the left navigation. More information on asset management is available in the KnowledgeBase


Users of smart phones and similar devices on campus are reminded of the risks involved when using mobile devices to access potentially sensitive data, such as campus e-mail. Users are required to enable the password-lock feature on mobile devices. An unlocked, lost phone could represent a significant data security breech. Please be aware that the Technology Help Desk cannot assist with personal handheld devices beyond providing the necessary information to connect to the campus e-mail system. 

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