PeopleSoft Sponsor/Team Descriptions

Project Descriptions

Project Team

The functional team lead serves as the primary contact for a particular functional area.  The team lead works closely with the functional Implementation Partner expert and will lead the implementation of the respective PeopleSoft module(s).  The team lead will be responsible for coordinating meetings, managing and resolving team issues, issuing status reports, and reporting progress to the project management team as well as serving as liaison between the Project Team and departmental management. 

Project Manager

The Project Manager is responsible for project coordination and communication while staying within the parameters of the budget and timetable.  The Project Manager is responsible for managing the University activities on the project.  UW-Stout’s Project Manager’s major focus is to manage the project activities that focus on the internal policies, internal resource issues and issues resolution and management within the UW-Stout environment. 

Project Sponsors

The Executive Committee is comprised of the three Project Sponsor senior executives and principal stakeholders who are committed to the project and have the authority to resolve project management issues, assign resources and to recommend or approve project expenditures, plans and organization.  These senior executives will be the driving force behind the project, and have a unique ability to identify issues that need to be considered from a campus-wide point of view.
This committee also makes decisions on project issues escalated by the Project Manager. Typically, issues are presented to the Executive Committee when the issue impacts the project budget, timeline or institutional policies.  Issues affecting more than one department or organizational unit may also be presented to the Executive Committee for resolution.