Letter from the Chancellor

TO:           All UW-Stout Faculty and Staff
FROM:     Charles W. Sorensen, Chancellor
DATE:      February 16, 2007
RE:          Conversion to Peoplesoft Student Information System

UW-Stout has been mandated by UW System as part of the State of Wisconsin’s Integrated Business Information System to convert from Datatel financials to Peoplesoft financials by July 1, 2007. A project team was formed in 2006 to facilitate UW-Stout’s implementation. Progress has been steady and the project is well underway. As part of the project timeline, informational sessions are currently being held pertaining to the impact and necessary changes that will result from this conversion to Peoplesoft financials.

While the conversion of financials is progressing, later this semester UW-Stout will begin the conversion of the student information system of Datatel to the Peoplesoft student information system. This project will be similar in scope to the conversion to Datatel from the previous legacy system and will be phased in much the same way over the next 18-24 months. High level training sessions have been conducted on campus by Peoplesoft and directed to the various functions of the campus. UW System is evaluating vendors to provide UW-Stout with project scope and timelines, consulting services and further training.

It is anticipated that this project will take considerable effort; it is not, however, expected to be as intense as our earlier conversion to Datatel. Experience and preparation will make this conversion a positive move toward a more informed and integrated campus.