Combine Course Sections

All UW-Stout course sections are automatically set up as individual courses in Learn@UW-Stout, including undergraduate and graduate sections of the same course. Use this form if you would like to:

  • Combine your undergraduate and graduate sections into one Learn@UW-Stout course.
  • Combine multiple sections of the same course.
  • Combine your lecture and/or discussion sections and lab sections into one Learn@UW-Stout course.

Note:  Requests to combine Customized Instruction (CI) and non-CI course sections will not be granted for courses offered after January 1, 2015 without prior approval by the college Dean and Provost.  Instructors requesting an exception should contact their college Dean and discuss the exception request.  The college Dean and Provost will review the request.  The Provost's Office will work directly with Learning Technology Services to process approved requests.

Please note the following about the "combine course sections" process:
  • Please submit one request for each group of sections you want combined into one Learn@UW-Stout course.
  • Once we have received your request(s), we will combine the course sections specified in your request and “activate” the “combined sections” course for you.
  • When you receive an email from indicating that your “combined sections” course has been created, the students will be enrolled into the “combined sections” course and the original single section courses will be removed from your Learn@UW-Stout course listing that evening.
  • Please do not add any content to the individual section courses you want combined as this complicates the combine process for us.  We recommend that you wait to add content until you have been informed by email that your “combined sections” course has been created.
The email address of a faculty member teaching the course.

The semester in which courses will be conducted.

e.g., UWSTO_2135__BIO_111_SEC001_3319

e.g., UWSTO_2135__BIO_111_SEC001D_3320

e.g., UWSTO_2135__BIO_111_SEC001L_3321