This council meets quarterly to provide insights, perspectives and a mechanism for open exchange and guidance to assist Learning and Information Technology  to strengthen programs and services, review strategic initiatives, improved responsiveness to instructional needs,  improve communications and interaction with campus related to emerging instructional technologies.   

The EITC will:

  • Explore and evaluate technologies as they pertain to teaching, communicating, efficiency, effectiveness and engagement of students
  • Provide recommendations for new technologies for classrooms, curriculum
  • Provide idea generation for projects and  pilots
  • Provide recommendations on  improved responsiveness to instructional needs
  • Provide external input on internal processes and priorities
  • Participate in site visits to businesses, peer institutions  and attend technology related  conferences
Council meetings once  per quarter with potential of additional sub-committee meetings as needed. Two year terms. 

EITC Council:

Representatives are selected by their units. Current members of the EITC:

  • CSTEMM - Monika Herrmann
  • CEHHS – Urs Haltinner
  • CAHSS - Mitch Ogden
  • Student Representative – TBD
  • RSSLLC – Ann Vogl
  • Grad School/Stout Online – Jamison Patrick
  • IRS – Bob Butterfield
  • NTLC – Renee Howarton
  • Disability Services – Kara James
  • CIO – Sue Traxler
  • Kelly Hoyland, Director of LTS/Chair