Meghan Thomason
Digital Resources Assistant (E-textbooks)

Office: RSSLC 201E
Phone: 715/232-5474

Meghan Thomason 


Meghan is a student in the Master of Science in Applied Psychology. She has a dual concentration in Research Evaluation and Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. Meghan received her undergraduate degree at UW-Stout, Bachelors of Arts in Psychology.


Meghan joined the IRS office this fall. She is helping to develop the E-Textbook program on campus. Meghan will be assisting with the development of training and the development of other documents. She will be using her expertise in evaluation to develop the evaluation plan for the E-Textbook program with several E-Textbook committee members. 


Meghan enjoys reading fantasy stories. She hopes to become a part time author one day. Meghan also sings, dances, and participates in theater. She enjoys research, especially applied research such as evaluation. Her biggest achievement was winning the Gold Prize in the Massage Therapy Foundation Practitioner Case Report contest. Meghan will be presenting her findings in Raleigh, NC in October 2012.

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