Due Date

Resources are due on the last day of each quarter, semester, summer or WinTerm session class.

Book Drop

The IRS book drop is built into the side brick wall near the 3rd Street entrance to the Robert S. Swanson Learning Center.

Late Return

Fines, $4.00 per resource, are charged immediately. Resources must be returned and late fines paid within the time specified, or you will be billed the replacement price of the resource(s). Discounts do not apply.

Barcode Number

The barcode number of the resource checked out must match the barcode number of the resource returned.

Damaged Resources

Damaged fines are assessed up to the current replacement price, depending on the amount of damage incurred. A missing barcode is an automatic $10.00 charge.

Lost Resources

Lost resources must be paid for in full if not returned by the close of the session. Unclaimed resources are returned to IRS on a daily basis. Check periodically to see if the resource has been returned to IRS.

Can We Help?

If you need assistance please call 715/232-2492 or 715/232-2617 to arrange accommodations.

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