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Floor 4 Map of Library

Fourth floor has been designated the GROUP STUDY floor. For QUIET STUDY, go to the fifth floor.

Main Collection

Main Collection  Library materials are organized by the Library of Congress Classification System, an alphanumeric system.
  • Search Search@UW to find an item and its call number.
  • Call numbers A-H are on 5th Floor;
    J-PR are on 4th Floor;
    PS-Z are on 3rd Floor.
  • Signs indicate the call numbers shelved in that stack; scan the QR code for help in locating items on the shelf.

Browsing Area

Browsing Area

The Browsing Area contains:
  • Best seller books
  • Feature films on DVD
  • Video games
It also has comfortable seating for reading, studying and relaxing.

Student Artist-in-Residence Art Collection

Student Artist-in-Residence Art Collection  Stout student artwork is part of the Student Artist-in-Residence program funded by former UW-Stout president Bud Micheels. Most artwork is located on the fourth floor.



Group Study Rooms 

 Group Study Two group study rooms are behind the fourth floor restrooms.
  • Allows for collaborative learning and practicing for presentations
  • Equipped with white boards and the ability to screen share.
  • There are also group study rooms on the first, third and fifth floors.
They are not for individual study.

Large Study Room

Large Study Room

There is one large room available for group study. It may also be reserved for meetings.

The room includes an overhead projector. Check out the remote for the screen at the Circulation Desk.

Public Equipment Area

Equipment Area  Fourth floor has:
  • Equipment needed to use the library's media resources.
  • General supplies such as paper cutters,scissors, stapler, etc.
  • Computer stations with access to the internet and campus keyserver software.

University Honors Program and Nakatani Teaching and Learning Center

Honors Program and Nakatani Teaching and Learning Center
  • Although not library departments, the Honors College and the Nakatani Teaching and Learning Center are located in the Robert S. Swanson Library and Learning Center.
  • The Honors College assists students learning through taking risks and making connections between disciplines.
  • The Nakatani Teaching and Learning Center offers programs, activities and events and has a library of teaching and learning resources.

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