Janice Conti

Email: contij@uwstout.edu
Office: RSSLC 503
Phone: 715/232-2094

Janice Conti


Janice has an MLIS from the University of Iowa and a BS in English and Journalism from MacMurray College. Though her previous work experience was in public libraries, Janice considers herself a lifelong learner and is excited to be part of the academic staff here at Stout. Janice joined the library staff in 2012.


The puzzle-like aspect of cataloging is what drew Janice to this area of library work. She enjoys trying to determine who will want or need a given resource, the manner in which that user is likely to search to find the resource, and how to best guide him or her to the resource through use of the library catalog. Janice works with the rest of the Cataloging/Processing Work Group to provide thorough and efficient access to the books and other materials owned by the Stout Library.


Music, reading, camping, gardening, and biking are among Janice’s favorite pastimes. She is a folk-music junkie and will unabashedly sing along to nearly any song she has ever heard. She has been known to drag friends and relatives alike on tours of the childhood homes of authors such as Laura Ingalls Wilder and Maud Hart Lovelace.

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