Julie Miller | LGBTQIA+ Program Coordinator and Director of the Qube | She, Her, Hers | millerjul@uwstout.edu
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Lesbian | Cisgender | Androgynous | Feminist
A Master’s level social worker, Julie has a wealth of experience working with LGBTQIA+ youth and young adults, as a clinical therapist, a community activist and educator, and through extensive work in school-based programming for LGBTQIA+ students. A strong advocate for social justice, Julie has been on the forefront of LGBTQIA+ and other progressive issues for over 30 years, focusing on community education to encourage appreciation of diversity in all its forms.
Ryan Berres | Graduate Assistant | He, His, Him | berresr0712@my.uwstout.edu
Heterosexual | Cisman
Hello! My name is Ryan Berres and I am the Qube Graduate Assistant. I am a graduate student in the School Psychology M.S. /ED S. program here at UW-Stout. At this point in time my career plan is to practice school psychology in a public K-12 setting. I am a big fan of the current Marvel movies, Star Trek, and I love baseball. Some other things I enjoy doing include playing guitar, watching movies, playing board games, and listening to music. I am not the most gregarious person, but I enjoy being around people and helping wherever I can. Don’t be afraid to say hi if you see me around campus!
Samantha Scribner | Communications Coordinator | She, Her, Hers | scribners0458@my.uwstout.edu
samantha scribner 2016
Pansexual | Femme | Feminist
Hey everybody! My name is Samantha Scribner and I am the Qube's Communications Coordinator! I am majoring in Psychology and minoring in Disability Services. I am aiming to work in clinical mental health, sex education and sex therapy. I have a particular interest in middle sexualities, femme culture, intersectionality and inclusive BDSM! Outside of school, my hobbies include advocacy, hanging out with my wolf, watching documentaries, teaching pole classes, playing hockey, reading medical journals and learning about religions, especially Eastern philosophy! If you catch my wolf and I on campus, feel free to stop us and say hi!
Adam Yaj | Outreach Coordinator | He, Him, His | yajn9239@my.uwstout.edu
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Gay | Cismale | Egalitarian | Shamanish / Buddhism-ish
Hello all! My name is Adam Yaj, and I am an Outreach Coordinator at the Qube. I am a Senior in Graphic Communications—I ain’t going nowhere anytime soon. This is my second year as Qube staff, and I am honored to have worked with so many wonderful people on campus and the community. I am really committed to LGBTQIA+ advocacy, especially for POC and I strongly believe that every one of us is equal. However, respect is not given, it must be earned. One last thing: let’s be real, I enjoy doing nothing during my free time. However, I will not pass on a nice walk and enjoy nature or go Pokemon hunting around Menomonie! #TeamMystic

Leah Cords | Outreach Coordinator | She, Her, Hers | corsol9850@my.uwstout.edu
Heterosexual | Female
Hello there! My name is Leah Corso and I am an outreach coordinator here at the Qube! I also lifeguard and teach swim lessons at the YMCA in my hometown. I am studying early Childhood Education with a concentration in Special needs. My goal is to teach children in a fun, safe and accepting environment. My hobbies include: baking, spending time with my friends, adoring my dog Emma, crocheting, playing video games and going outdoors on adventures. If you see me on campus stop and say hi. Hope to see you soon!

Fuji Maria Adair | Promotions Specialist | They, Them, Theirs | adairm1081@my.uwstout.edu
Pansexual | Genderfluid
Hey, My name is Fuji and I work on promotions at the Qube. I major in Graphic Design with a minor in Art History. I am also the Vice President of Pepper Magazine. Very pro-sex, proud biracial immigrant, and interested in talking about either of those topics (and anything else, I can talk a lot). Outside of work and school I love watching movies, doodling, and curling up in bed. An icon that best describes me is ¯\_()_/¯. Don’t be afraid to talk to me whenever you see me off and about!
Brandon Beaulieu | Events Coordinator| He/ Him/ His | beaulieub5621@my.uwstout 
Pansexual | Trans
I am a transgender male as well as a person of color and I identify as pansexual. This is my second year working as a Qube Staff member. Last year I was the First Year Assistant and now this year I am the Events Coordinator.  I am a Sophomore in the Psychology Major with a minor in HDFS. I identify as feminist as well as an activist for LGBTQIA+ rights. I also try to advocate for all marginalized communities. 

Brax Waller | Emerging Media Specialist | He, Him, His | younga9432@my.uwstout.edu
Monosexual | Libra-Scorpio Cusp | Transman
Hey! My name is Brax and I am the Qube's Emerging Media Specialist! I am majoring in Professional Communication and Emerging Media with a concentration in Digital Humanities. I am all about eccentric underground cultures, action sports, music, technology, fashion, comics, magazines, so let’s talk and hangout! 
Rachel Braun | Events Coordinator | They, them, theirs | braunr0443@my.uwstout.edu
Gynosexual | Genderqueer | Pisces 
Hey there! My name is Rachel Braun and I am the Qube's Events Coordinator! I am a super senior Dietetics student with a minor in Food Science. I intend to go to graduate school to get my masters and after an internship, take the RD exam. I enjoy baking, biking, and gardening. I love this LGBTQIAP+ community on campus like it is a family to me. I have been a regular at the Qube for three years and have finally had the opportunity to recently joined the Qube staff! Please feel free to come up to me and chit chat! I love to be educated! Or, if you find me around campus you'll probably find my nose in a textbook. Come study with me!
Holly Kimball | Volunteer Staff | She, Her, Hers | kimballh2834@my.uwstout.edu
Ciswoman | Feminist | Ally
Hey everyone! My name is Holly Kimball and I am a volunteer at The Qube assisting the other staff members with whatever help they need! My major is Human Development and Family Studies with a self-designed concentration in Gender and Sexuality. I’m very passionate about music and how powerful it can be in changing people’s perspectives. I’ll listen to just about anything but I’d say punk rock is my go-to. I also enjoy being out in nature, hanging with my friends, attending as many concerts as I can, and just chilling and watching Netflix. I’m excited to be more involved at The Qube and learn about others’ experiences!