Julie Miller | LGBTQIA+ Program Coordinator and Director of the Qube | She, Her, Hers | millerjul@uwstout.edu
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Lesbian | Cisgender | Androgynous | Feminist
A Master’s level social worker, Julie has a wealth of experience working with LGBTQIA+ youth and young adults, as a clinical therapist, a community activist and educator, and through extensive work in school-based programming for LGBTQIA+ students. A strong advocate for social justice, Julie has been on the forefront of LGBTQIA+ and other progressive issues for over 30 years, focusing on community education to encourage appreciation of diversity in all its forms.
Ashley Walton | Graduate Assistant | She, Her, Hers | waltona2079@my.uwstout.edu
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Hi everyone! I am in my second year of the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Master's Program at UW-Stout. I completed undergrad degrees in Psychology and Biology at UW-Stevens Point. I have too many career goals to list, but they will involve counseling somehow. I am super pumped to be working at the Qube again this year with such great staff and Qubies! Some fun facts about me: I love to paddle in my kayak named Kirk 2.0. I love animals! I have two sugar gliders named Oscar and Vinnie, and a 3-legged cat named Penny. In my free time I love to be outside; watch Netflix; eat pizza, chocolate and tacos; and hang out with friends. I am always eager to listen and help whenever I can!
Samantha Scribner | Communications Coordinator | She, Her, Hers | scribners0458@my.uwstout.edu
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Pansexual | Ciswoman | Feminist
Hey everybody! My name is Samantha Scribner and I am the Qube's Communications Coordinator! I'm also the secretary of Stout's Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA). I am a double major in Psychology and Applied Science with a concentration in Pre-Medicine and a minor in Disability Services. I am aiming to work in clinical mental health and sex education. I have a particular interest in middle sexualities and inclusive BDSM! Outside of school, my hobbies include hanging out with my wolf, watching Food Network, teaching pole classes, playing hockey, reading medical journals and learning about religions, especially Eastern philosophy. If you catch my wolf and I on campus, feel free to stop us and say hi!
Coltan Schoenike | Outreach Coordinator | They, Them, Theirs | schoenikec0423@my.uwstout.edu
Coltan Schoenike
AMAB | Trans/Genderqueer | Femme | Pansexual | Polyamorous | Feminist
Hello everyone! My name is Coltan Schoenike, and I am an Outreach Coordinator at the Qube. I am a Senior in Human Development and Family Studies (but I still have two years so don't worry about me leaving anytime soon!). I started at the Qube as a First Year Assistant so I have been here for a while, and have been blessed with so many opportunities to grow with the Qube. I started here because working with the LGBTQIAP+ students, a passion of mine since high school. Bisexuality, non-binary gender and consensual non-monogamy are particular areas of interest for me. I continue to learn. however, and try to be well-versed in all areas of the LGBTQIAP+ experience. But enough about me, come to the Qube and let's chat!
Nraug Oo Yaj "Adam" | Outreach Coordinator | He, Him, His | yajn9239@my.uwstout.edu
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Gay/Queer | Cismale
Hello from the other side! My name is Nraug Oo Yaj, but please call me Adam. I'm a transfer student from Fond du Lac and graduated from Moraine Park Techincal College. I'm in the Cross-Media Graphics Management program with a concentration in Graphic Design. This is my second year here at Stout! I am an Outreach Coordinator so don't be shy and come say hello! During my free time, I used to enjoy being lazy and just Netflix and chill, but now there's Pokemon Go so I have to get up to catch them all!
Gabbie Allee | Outreach Coordinator | She, Her, Hers | starrg0928@my.uwstout.edu
Gabbie Allee
Transwoman (MTF) | Bisexual | Panromantic | Feminist
Hi lovelies, my name is Gabbie Allee and I work as an Outreach Coordinator at the Qube. I am a Junior in the Hotel, Restaurant, Tourism Management program. I have a self-designed a focus area in diversity within the industries along with a minor in Women and Gender Studies. My involvement on campus includes: Vice President of Education & Development (Archon) of Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity and serving as a Senator for the college of Education, Hospitality, Health and Human Sciences for Stout Student Association. In my free time I enjoy spending time with friends and family, binge watching Netflix, going out and having a good time, adventuring, seeing what is out there, trying new things and just truly living and loving life.
Ashley Lieberg | Resource Coordinator | She, Her, Hers | liebergj0377@my.uwstout.edu
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Transwoman | Lesbian | Feminist
Hiya! I'm an Entertainment Design major. I transferred to UW-Stout in 2013, and also studied for a year at Kansai Gaidai in Hirakata-shi, Japan after. It's my hope to someday make comics, cartoons, and movies. Apart from art and my career, my passions include studying Japanese and the practice of various martial arts disciplines. I have a family by each of my biological parents, and thus a lot of relatives I grew up around. I've also always had pets in my life, and the aforementioned relatives include my cat and dog. In my spare time I watch too much TV, cook odd things, and play far too many video games with my friends. I'm so very happy to be working at the Qube so I can give to others what has first been given to me. 
Miranda Buchanan | Events Coordinator | She, Her, Hers | buchananm2770@my.uwstout.edu
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Ciswoman | Queer | Pansexual | Feminist
Hi, my name is Miranda and I am a sophomore majoring in Psychology with a concentration in Child Counseling and a minor in Disability Services. In my free time I enjoy spending time with friends and family, doing makeup, and watching Netflix! This is my first year at the Qube. 
Lindsey Cherek | Events Coordinator | She, Her, Hers | cherekl02782my.uwstout.edu
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Queer | Femme | Feminist | Empath | Taurus
Hi ya'll! I'm Lindsey and I'm a Studio Art major with a concentration in Painting and a double minor in Art History and Gender and Sexuality Studies! I'm also your Events Coordinator for the Gender and Sexuality Alliance and President for FAA's Drawing/Painting Club! You can also find me educating Stouties about sex as a TA for Lifespan Sexuality. I'm incredibly passionate about the LGBTQIA+ community and feminism. Let's grab coffee and talk about how cool life is and the ways we can dismantle the patriarchy.
Brandon Schmidt | Events Coordinator | He, Him, His | schmidtb5267@my.uwstout.edu
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Cisman | Gay
Well hello there! I am Brandon Schmidt and I'm a sophomore. I am majoring in Apparel Design and Development, and I'm an Events Coordinators at the Qube and the Treasurer for the Gender and Sexuality Alliance here at UW-Stout. I am a really chill person and love to have fun, but I also know how to be serious and get what needs to be done, done. Friends are a very important thing in my life, and I treat them like my family. So when I am not cramming to get a project done on time, I love to hang out with them doing whatever! Feel free to come to me with any questions or concerns about anything. I am a great listener and I will try to help out where I can.
Brandon Beaulieu | First Year Assistant | He, Him, His | beaulieub5621@my.uwstout.edu
Transman | Pansexual | Feminist
Hello! My name is Brandon Beaulieu and I am the First Year Assistant at the Qube. I am a Food Science Major currently at Stout; however I am thinking about changing my major to Psychology and possibly pursuing a minor in Women and Gender Studies. I love cows and being actively involved in extracurricular activities. I am very personable--I love talking to everyone!