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Videos for Use

Trans 101 - The Basics

Welcome to Trans 101, our brand new series on Gender Diversity! In video one we dive into being Trans, Gender Identity, and what it's all about!

Life Outside the Gender Binary

NBC OUT Contributor and genderqueer activist Jacob Tobia describes why some people, like Jacob, prefer to "live in a world where gender and sexuality can be more fluid."

Pidgeon Pagonis: Intersex

This video gives an intro to my intersex story. It provides an intersex 101 of sorts, and focuses mostly on my intersex variation known as Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome.

Trigger Warning: Discussion about experiencing non-consensual genital surgery

Pidgeon Pagonis: Intersex pt. 2

Pt 2 describes how my Andgoren Insensitive body works, and doesn't work. It also tells of how my physicians talked my parents into allowing them to perform a gonadectomy. Doctors inflate the risk of gonadal cancer in order to get our parents to consent.

Pidgeon Pagonis: Intersex pt. 3

Part 3 is all about the clitorectomy doctors talked my parents into, and how and why the intersex community needs to fight in solidarity with Black and Brown folks fighting for liberation.

Transgender Teens Shares Powerful Message

Transgender teen shares powerful message on bullying on notecards: "We're not a threat. We are just like any other kids. We only want people to accept and love us for who we are."

Ask An Asexual Person

What is asexuality?

The Gender Tag: Authentic Gender Expression

Most don’t stop to think about their experience of gender, leading to a lack of understanding for others and a limited world view. If you never explore you gender identity, you might never be able to make informed choices about your body and your life.

Gender is not a straight line

Gender isn’t a straight line, it's a spectrum. Charlie explores the challenges faced by trans people, particularly trans youth. He explains firsthand the oppression felt growing up being identified as a female although he has always identified as male.

We all need a safe place to pee

In a poetically rhythmic talk, Ivan Coyote highlights the need for gender neutral washrooms in all public places.

Bi the way, we exist

In this TEDx talk, Viet speaks about the complexities of coming out as bisexual and the positive and negative reactions that he received from his family and friends.

Brown, trans, queer, Muslim and proud

In this moving and powerful talk, Sabah talks about his life as a transgender Muslim and how his different identities collide.

My Two Mums (The Myths of Gay Adoption)

When people announce they are going to have children - the normal reaction is “congratulations!” When you’re a gay couple who announce that you are going to adopt, you can get a very different reaction.

What Being a Lesbian and a Sorority President Taught Me About Sisterhood

University of Oklahoma student Jacki Bradshaw shares her story about coming out amidst the heteronormative stereotypes of university Greek life.