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GSA logo

UW-Stout GSA aims to provide and facilitate an open and accepting environment for people of all gender identities and sexual orientations. We hope to foster the development of the ever-growing, inclusive community that is UW-Stout. We meet Monday nights at 7:30pm in rooms 144/146 Merle Price Commons. 
Open Door Logo

Open Door is a confidential drop-in discussion and support group for all students identifying along the LGBTQIA+ spectrum, including questioning students. The group meets every Tuesday in The Qube from 5:30-7:00 PM. 
Queer Menomonie
Queer Menomonie is a community center aimed to bring support, resources and community to LGBTQIA+ individuals in the Menomonie area.
Water balloon fight
Finals stressing you out? Relieve your stress with the Qube's Water Balloon Fight! Water balloons will be on hand to throw and have thrown at you! Bring your friends and extinguish some of that finals heat!
Pidgeon Pagonis
Pidgeon is a leader in the intersex movement's fight for bodily autonomy and justice. Pidgeon's goal is to deconstruct the dangerous myths that lead to violations of intersex people's human rights, including common, irreversible medical procedures performed without consent to make their bodies conform to binary sex stereotypes. In February 2017 Chicago Intersex activist and filmmaker Pidgeon Pagonis appeared on a panel in New York City with Katie Couric at the premiere of the National Geographic "Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric" documentary.
Rainbow Graduation
Join us in celebration of the 2017 Graduates at the 7th Annual Rainbow Graduation.
Taco Study Night
Got beef with your exams? "Lettuce" help you! At this event, finding food to help you study is "nacho" problem! We'll be featuring a taco bar, where you can "shell"p yourself to a variety of delicious options including vegan and gluten free choices! Don't miss out on this chance to get "jalapeno" finals! Alright, we'll stop with the puns now. We don't know if they're getting more "cheesy" or more "corny."
Playdate with the qube

Finals stressing you out? Treat yourself to a fun-filled play date with the Qube! De-stress with some childhood crafts like: Finger Painting, Coloring, Play-Doh, and of course milk and cookies! Dogs will of course be returning for another semester!