World Travelers

About the Program

 Are you interested in learning about and experiencing other cultures as well as sharing information about your own? This living learning experience is ideal for students planning to study abroad or returning from studying abroad; for international and exchange students; for students studying foreign languages; and for any student simply interested in world affairs. Join this learning community and engage in the opportunity to make friends with similar aspirations from across Wisconsin, the US and the world.

Who's Eligible

  • First Year Students
  • Most majors/programs
  • Have not earned prior college credit for GEOG 104


Classes You'll Take

 GEOG-104 World Geography (3 cr.)

Introduction to regional and cultural geography of the world; physical and human resources of major areas of the globe.

Where You Will Live

What We Do

The World Travelers Living and Learning Community actively explores our world through academic study, discussions, and many other activities. The first semester of involvement includes taking a World Geography course together. Discussions may be formal – based on a specific reading about a place or issue – or informal where students discuss their thoughts and ideas about the world and international events.

Activities vary, but may include attending presentations on an international topic, exploring the option of studying abroad, organizing a gathering with international students for a potluck, or attending an international festival or other cultural events.

Faculty and Staff

 Name: Jim Handley

Class: GEOG 104


Community Profile

Number of Participants: 20

Living Location: Milnes-Chinnock Hall

Classes: GEOG 104

Duration: Fall Semester

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