Vocational Rehabilitation

About the Program

The Vocational Rehabilitation department is dedicated to supporting students who aspire to make a difference in the lives of persons with disabilities, older persons, and offenders. This learning community will provide students opportunity to participate in study groups, social activities, professional conferences, and involvement in the Voc Rehab Club.

Who's Eligible

 First Year Students majoring in Vocational Rehabilitation

Classes You'll Take


REHAB-101 Introduction to Rehabilitation (3 cr.)

An introduction to serving people with disabilities. Philosophy, history, legislation, concepts and processes, and careers in rehabilitation services.


BIO-132 Human Biology (4 cr.)

Basic concepts of physiological processes and anatomy of all organ systems of humans, based on dissection of a cat; embryological development.

Where You Will Live

This is a non residential learning community and is not linked to a resident hall or floor. On campus and commuter students welcome.

What We Do

This learning community helps incoming students understand the field of vocational rehabilitation. Particular emphasis is placed on understanding the biological, functional and interpersonal impact of a given disability on people.

As a learning community, we participate in a number of activities tailored to the needs of our students. Previously the learning community spent a day at the Minnesota Science Museum, learning about the world around us while getting to know each other better. Additionally, learning community students participated in the Dunn County Christmas is for Kids program.

Voc Rehab Trip to MSP Science Museum_FINAL

Faculty and Staff


Name: Kyle Kleist

Class: REHAB 101

Contact: kleistk@uwstout.edu

Hobbies and Interests: I enjoy reading both fiction and nonfiction books, with my favorite author being Stephen King. I'm also a big sports fan and enjoy mostly football and basketball. I would truly consider myself a "die hard" Packer fan!
I am also an advocate for the civil rights of persons with disabilities. One of my main professional interest is following court cases and Department of Justice rulings that effect the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The most interesting thing I have done is: take part in a Disability Awareness march in Washington D.C. five years ago. As a person with a disability that uses a wheelchair, it was great to be part of a large demonstration. It was a blast to be part of a crowd of 50,000 and marching down the "mall" in Washington and then meeting with our various State elected Congressmen persons and Senators. It really felt like Democracy in action.


Name: Jen Grant, PhD

Class: BIO 132 (Human Biology)

Contact: grantje@uwstout.edu

Hobbies and Interests: When I'm not in the lab, or not writing, I enjoy being outdoors, immersed in nature. This can include but is not limited to: cross country skiing, hiking, and kayaking.

The most interesting thing I have done is: I've participated in major research projects on the relationship of protein expression in heart disease and also in multiple sclerosis.

Community Profile

Number of Participants: 24

Living Location: Not Applicable

Classes: BIO 132 and REHAB 101

Eligible Students: Vocational Rehabilitation Majors


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