Stoutward Bound

Early Start Dates: August 17th - 29th

Students move into residence hall on August 17th and two classes begin on August 18th. 

About the Program

Stoutward Bound (SWB) is a popular living and learning community for first-year American ethnic minority students sponsored by Multicultural Student Services. This program is unique as students are able to "jump start" their college experience with the early start and then continues for the academic year to provide continuous support for a successful transition to college. Click here for the Stoutward Bound Application.

Students come to campus two weeks before the start of the fall semester, live in South Hall, eat their meals at Price Commons and attend classes Monday through Friday. There will also be fun activities and group study sessions throughout the week. Students will be required to participate in leadership training during one of two weekends prior to the start of the fall semester. There are no additional costs/fees to students to participate.

Who's Eligible

 African American, American Indian, Latino/a and Asian first year students

Classes You'll Take

PSYC-110 General Psychology (3 cr.)
An introduction to psychology as a discipline and applied science. Emphasis is placed on scientific methodology as it is applied to behavior, learning, memory, perception, motivation, development, individual differences, mental health, the physiological basis for behavior, and on the application of psychological principles to human experience. This class fulfills 3 of the required credits for the Social and Behavioral Science general education requirement.

SPCOM-100 Fundamentals of Speech (2 cr.)
Techniques of effective speech: diagnosis of individual needs and training in necessary skills; speaker/listener relations, speech organization, voice, bodily action, language and development of confidence and poise. This class fulfills 2 of the 8 credits for the Communication Skills General Education Requirement.

Impact on Fall Schedule
All Stoutward Bound students take two common courses together that start two weeks prior to the fall semester. These classes are on students' fall schedule and continue throughout the semester, and applied to your fall tuition bill. There is no additional cost by starting courses two weeks earlier.

Where You Will Live

All participants are required to live on campus. Students will move in early to South Hall, typically their permanent residence for the academic year.

What We Do

Stoutward Bound has an early start but the program continues throughout the academic year. Our goal is to help students transition from high school to college. The ultimate goal is to maximize students' potential to graduate from UW-Stout.

Students will meet monthly with a Stoutward Bound advisor. The advisor will be able to link students to campus resources and offer encouragement and support. There are monthly college success workshops to help build "college know-how." Mentors will serve as role models to help navigate through and understanding campus life.

Program Benefits

Early academic success

Build confidence

Learn about campus and the community resources

Leadership development

Make lifelong friends

No additional costs/fees

Your Commitment

  • Submit housing deposit and contract by April 1st (if deposit made after April 1st, please contact Vickie Sanchez)
  • Attend leadership training
  • Willingness to actively interact in Stoutward Bound activities throughout the year

Student Spotlight

Michael Guzman

 Name: Michael

 Home Town: Racine, WI

 Major: Manufacturing Engineering



Hobbies and interest: My favorite sports are bowling, baseball, volleyball and tennis. I've always wanted to play hockey, definitely something I want to do here at Stout. I also enjoy playing drums and going to A LOT of concerts. Music is big part of me.

Why did you choose Stout? I chose Stout because of its size and high employment rate after graduation. I always wanted to be a UW Badger growing up, but the school size seemed to be too overwhelming. The class size at Stout are small so you really get to know your colleagues and professors. A small class size in major related classes allow them to be more hands on and that's what I feel makes Stout stand out from other colleges.

I would recommend Stoutward Bound to incoming freshmen because….

You My most difficult challenge as an incoming freshman was moving so far away from home. For me, like many, this was the first time living on my own and i was unsure what to expect. New people, new environment, and a new life were the three big things that made me nervous. After the first two weeks of Stoutward Bound, these fears were far behind me. Stoutward Bound prepared me for the academic year by making me feel comfortable with the people, classes and environment here on campus. By the first week of school I was motivated to get involved on campus in any way that I could. This program benefited me in many ways; I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Faculty and Staff


Name: Amanda Brown


Hobbies and Interests:
Reading, museums, shopping, watching movies, good conversation, dogs.

The most interesting thing that ever happened to me:
I was aggressively pick-pocketed in Rome.



Name: Suejung HanEdited Sej


Hobbies and Interests: Spending time with my kids in and outside, Watching Korean Dramas, Wishing to be back to tennis and swimming

The most interesting thing that ever happened to me: .. living in France not knowing a single French word?

Name: Vickie Sanchez, Stoutward Bound Coordinator/Advisor, Multicultural Student Services Office

Contact: (715) 232-1108 and

Hobbies and interests: I love creating homemade greeting cards and photography of nature and archeitecture. My interest includes attending cultural events, spending time with family and friends, listening to National Public Radio.

The most interesting thing that ever happened to me: I was selected as the Commencement Speaker at my college graduation. It was amazing to give a speech to over 1,000 people on one of the most important days in someone's life.

Community Profile

Number of Participants: 40

Living Location: South Hall

Classes: PSYC110 and SPCOM 100

Eligible Students: African American, American Indian, Latino/a and Asian first year students

More Information

Stoutward Bound brochure

SWB brochure [PDF]