Social Justice Learning Community

About the Program

This learning community is designed for students who are interested in learning about and redressing inequalities of social class, race, gender, sexuality, etc. The courses will draw from the fields of sociology, geography, and philosophy to explore the notion of "the common good" and how to work toward a more just, equitable, and democratic society and world.

Who's Eligible

  • First Year Students
  • Interested in the topic
  • Do not have prior college credit for ANTH 220 or SOC 110
  • Enrolled in a major that allows ANTH 220 and SOC 110 in the General Education area.

Classes You'll Take


ANTH 220 - Cultural Anthropology

Introduction to concepts and methods; variability of culture; outline of cultural elements; processes of cultural change.

SOC 110 - Introductory Sociology

Social interaction in human groups; relationships between individual and group; social inequality; basic social institutions, social change and current social trends; the socio-cultural diversity of groups; the infrastructure and interrelationships of social organizations; and alternative theoretical perspectives for explaining these social phenomenon.


SOC/ANTH 320 - Social Movements in Global Perspective

Social movements, collective action and activism; indigenous rights, labor organizing, civil rights, gender- and sexuality-based struggles, racial/ethnic identity formation and the claiming of rights, and anti-globalization activism in the U.S. and internationally; contested meanings of justice, citizenship, and democracy in a context of global capitalism.

SOC 291 - Sociology of Health and Illness

Sociological approaches to health and illness, both domestically and globally. Topics include the social distribution of illness; health disparities across race/class/gender; global comparisons in the health of populations; the social construction of illness; the structure of health care systems and institutions; and various historical and contemporary health care debates. Health and illness will be considered throughout in terms of social justice and responsibility.

Where You Will Live

What We Do

This learning community discusses, learns about, and works toward contributing to a more socially just community, society, and world. We do this through coursework, service learning activities that focus on underprivileged groups, and attending social justice-oriented events both on and off campus.

Faculty and Staff

picJS    Name: Jeff Sweat

 Class: SOC 291


Hobbies and Interests: reading, traveling, museums, computers, popular science, and playing with my children

The most fascinating thing I have done is: interview transgender inmates inside a large jail in California. I have also had the good fortune of meeting world-renowned scholars and many of my "intellectual heroes."

  Name: Tina Lee

 Class: ANTH 220


Hobbies and Interests: travel, reading, crossword puzzles, art/independent films, playing with my two small children.

The most fascinating thing I have done is: traveled to India to conduct research on village religion. I have also been lucky enough to travel to other countries and to conduct research in New York City.

Community Profile

Number of Participants: 20

Living Location: Hansen-Keith Hall

Classes: Fall ANTH 220 & SOC 110 and Spring SOC/ANTH 320 & SOC 291

Eligible Students: Most Majors - Applied Social Science Students strongly encouraged to participate

Duration: Fall and Spring Semesters

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