Reasons to Join a Learning Community

Students sit in the lobby of Millennium Hall working on homeworkYou have a ready-made study group of people who are taking a few of the same classes. With the support of others in your learning community you'll find that studying is more fun. Study groups help you earn higher grades.


When you sign up for a Learning Community you are automatically enrolled in one to four classes-essentially guaranteed enrollment in those hard to get first-year classes. You'll want to select additional courses to fill out your schedule during First Year Registration and Orientation. Your academic advisor will help you with those choices.


Students that participate in learning community, on average, are more likely to
  • Return to college their second year
  • Have higher Grade Point Averages
  • Be actively involved on campus
  • Spend more time on their academics
  • Be satisfied with their college experience
  • Understand the connection between classroom learning to the "real world"

Set the PACE for your college success!