Environmental Science

About the Program

This living learning community of environmental science first year students will allow students to network with students and faculty in the Environmental Science program. They will live on the same residence hall floor with other Environmental Science majors and enroll in the same section of ENSC 101 - Environmental Science Profession, ENGL 101- Composition I, BIO 135 - Organismal Biology, and SOC 110 - Introductory Sociology. This learning community will include service learning projects such as the Christmas for Kids program with United Way of Dunn County. Open to Environmental Science majors only. 

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BIO-135 LC Outdoors Research Project Video.

Student Profile

amanda smith Name: Amanda

Home Town: Hudson

Major: Environmental Science – Aquatic Biology Resources

Fishing, travel, cars, reading, and softball

Why did you choose Stout? Besides the amazing Jarvis Hall science labs, the small class sizes were appealing to me. I knew it would be important to develop relationships with other students as well as the professors and smaller class sizes make that happen.

Why would you recommend the Environmental Science Learning Community to new first year students? Classes will not seem as intimidating because the familiar faces from your learning community will also be sitting next to you in the classroom. Study groups are easy to organize and often end up being a fun way to spend time with friends. Lastly, science students often have a similar mind set and work ethic so by living together it is a good way to push each other to do your best.

Who's Eligible

First Year students in the Environmental Science major.

Classes You'll Take

ENSC 101 - Environmental Science Profession

A survey of the Environmental Science program and academic support services to advance students' career goals. Research, leadership, internship, service learning, and other important career enhancing experiences will be explored. Participation in inclusive excellence activities will expose students to issues that are relevant in an increasingly culturally diverse work environment.

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Describe the different career opportunities in the Environmental Science field;
  2. Write a resume and work with the Career Services Office to learn how to obtain an internship and/or job;
  3. Understand the importance of research, leadership, service learning, and other important career enhancing experiences;
  4. Explain the benefits of the different student support services on campus;
  5. Evaluate the importance of an inclusive excellence ethic.

ENGL 101 - Composition I

Introductory, first-semester composition course required of students who achieve a designated sore on the Wisconsin English Placement Test or a score of "C" or better in ENGL - 090. Practice in college=level writing, critical thinking and reading. Introduction to academic research, source-supported writing, argumentation, and conventions of structure, style, grammar, mechanics, and format appropriate to specific rhetorical situations. Students must receive a "C-" or better in ENGL - 101 to move on to ENGL - 102.

BIO 135 - Organismal Biology

Introduction to the biological sciences, including evolution, and overview of life's diversity, plant biology, animal biology, and ecology. Emphasis on scientific thought processes, laboratory skills, and communication skills. 

SOC 110 - Introductory Sociology

Social interaction in human groups; relationships between individual and group; social inequality; basic social institutions, social change and current social trends; the socio-cultural diversity of groups; the infrastructure and interrelationships of social organizations; and alternative theoretical perspectives for explaining the social phenomenon.

Where You Will Live

What We Do


This learning community will include service learning projects such as the Galloway Creek stream clean-up and the Christmas for Kids program with United Way of Dunn County.

Faculty and Staff

Name: Professor Krista James

Environmental Science Program Director

 Hobbies and Interests:

  • Spending time with my family
  • Gardening and growing plants
  • Reading
  • Camping in our National Parks Travel abroad Volunteering with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
One of my favorite teaching activities is training BIO 111 students to monitor the water quality and overall health of Galloway Creek, a small urban stream that runs directly through the heart of Menomonie. In addition to the ongoing water quality monitoring on Galloway Creek, I also organize community service projects for BIO 111 students. Among the projects we've pursued are: stenciling storm drains to prevent water pollution, stream cleanups, invasive species removal, and conducting RecycleMania educational and promotional activities.


Name: Professor Nels PaulsonPaulson, Nels


 Hobbies and Interests: Fly-fishing, hunting, skiing, sports and outdoors in general, movies, reading (especially comic books in my free time), and playing with my three small children.

The most fascinating thing I have done is: So, here's what happened. My co-pilot Freeman and I went down in a plane in the middle of the South Pacific and washed up on shore of an uncharted deserted island. There we were, with nothing but frond leaves for clothing. We fashioned a jet pack out of trees and our own blood and sweat and flew off that island. While flying over the vastness of the grand ocean we admired the paradoxical life and death intertwined in those blue waters. We spotted a group of people stranded at sea, dying of thirst with water all around them, a living embodiment of our jet-pack driven pontifications. We rescued them and in our last gasp of fuel landed at an L.A. hospital helicopter pad. They all survived, including the pregnant woman's baby. She named it Nelsfree.


Community Profile

Number of Participants: All Environmental Science First Year Students

Living Location: Curran-Kranzusch Hall

Fall Classes: ENSC 101, ENGL 101, BIO 135, SOC 110

Spring Classes: BIO 111, CHEM 135, SPCOM 100, ENGL 102