About the Program

The Engineering Living and Learning community is open to all first year students in Manufacturing Engineering or Plastics Engineering majors. Your involvement in this community will allow you to tour area companies, learn about major related student organizations (Society of Manufacturing Engineers and Society of Plastics Engineers), connect with faculty members in your major area, and have fun, too!


Classes You'll Take

  1. MFGT-150 Introduction to Engineering Materials (3 cr.)

    Exposure to engineering materials, their properties, and behavior. Topics will include: material types, testing, mechanical properties, heat treatment, and material selection. Students are expected to have had high school chemistry. Math Proficiency greater than or equivalent to Math-120.

  2. CHEM-135 College Chemistry I (5 cr.)

    Principles of inorganic chemistry, properties of important elements and compounds. Math proficiency greater than or equal to Math-120.

Where You Will Live

What We Do


Possible activities include touring industry, opportunities to hear speakers from the field, involvement in campus major related student organizations, and attending some professional society local chapter meetings.



Faculty and Staff

Rajiv Asthana

Name: Rajiv Asthana


Hobbies and Interests:
  • Materials (metals, ceramics, composites)
  • Publishing and editing (materials content)
  • Reading (variety, non-fiction)
  • Traveling, and more traveling

I am in my mid-fifties, and living a two-dimensional life (work and family) so there isn't a whole lot happening in areas of hobbies and interests. Apart from teaching which is a passion (I am a 3rd generation teacher) I engage in research, writing, publishing and editing. You might say teaching and scholarship are my hobbies; the rest if work. I love to travel and thoroughly enjoyed brief but memorable trips to China, Poland, Germany, Japan, England, Italy, Canada, Czech Republic and India (where I lived the first 29 years of my life).

Community Profile

Number of Participants: 24

Living Location: Tustison-Oetting Hall

Classes: Fall - MFGT 150 & CHEM 135

Eligible Students: Manufacturing Engineering & Plastics Engineering Majors

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