Art and Design

About the Program

This learning community is a place where art majors can develop design skills and be inspired by fellow artists.

Student Profile


Name: Meagan

Home Town: Cannon Falls, MN

Major: Art Graphic Design


Interests: I love sports - watching or playing them! I like being active, but don't have a problem lounging around and watching TV.

Why did you choose Stout? It was one of the schools I liked that specialized in Art and I felt coming to Stout would give me a valuable education. It's also only an hour and a half away from my hometown.

I would recommend this learning community because college is such a change from living at home and going to high school. Being in a learning community helps you meet new people and they will be in some of your classes too so you'll know a few friendly faces. It definitely helps you become more comfortable in this new environment.

Classes You'll Take


ART 101 Drawing I (3 cr.)

Study and application of the principles and mechanics of descriptive freehand drawing using black and white media.

ENGL 101 – Composition 1 (3 cr.)

Practice in college-level writing, critical thinking and reading. Introduction to academic research, source-supported writing, argumentation, and conventions of structure, style, grammar, mechanics, and format appropriate to specific rhetorical situations.


ART 200 Drawing II (3 cr.)

Study and application of the principles and mechanics of interpretive freehand drawing focusing on invention, and creative investigation using a variety of black and white, color, and mixed media.

ENGL 102 Composition 2 (3 cr.)

Continued development, through advanced academic research and inquiry, of the rhetorical and critical reading, writing, and thinking skills acquired in ENGL-101. Focus on synthesizing a variety of readings and texts, including imaginative literature. Further refinement of documentation skills and academic writing practices and conventions.

Where You Will Live

What We Do

Community dinners, movies, a field trip to Minneapolis, special projects and service learning

Community Profile

Number of Participants: 25

Living Location: Milnes-Chinnock Hall

Classes: Fall - ART 101 and ENGL 101

Spring - ART 200 and ENGL 102

Eligible Students: Art Majors with ENGL placement of 101 or 111

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