About the Program

The theatre learning community is intended for anyone who has an interest in theatre. If you have been involved in theatre or just enjoy the art form this learning community is for you.


Who's Eligible

  • First Year Students
  • English placement score equal to or greater than 101
  • No prior college credit for ENGL 101

Classes You'll Take

ENGL-101 Freshman English - Composition (3 cr.)

Principles and practices of writing. This class fulfills 3 of the 9 credits for the Communication Skills General Education Requirement.

THEA-232 Introduction to the Theatre (3 cr.)

Development of theatre arts from ancient times to present; play styles, production methods and audience appreciation; representative plays.

Where You Will Live

This is a non residential learning community and is not linked to a resident hall or floor. On campus and commuter students welcome.

What We Do

Class activities are coordinated to include elements of theatre. Performance, writing and other theatre areas are explored. Included in the course is a trip to Minneapolis to see a professional production. (Pending budget approval)


Faculty and Staff

 Name: Kevin Drzakowski Class: ENGL 101


Hobbies and Interests: writing, reading, running, and other things that start with an /r/ sound.

The most interesting thing I have done is: Talked playwriting and politics with Vaclav Havel in Prague

 Name: Paul Calenberg

Class: THEA 232

Hobbies and Interests: All styles of theatre with a strong interest in Ancient Greek theatre, choreography, and directing.

The most interesting thing I have done is: Directed with community, collegiate and professional summer stock organizations. Recently traveled to Greece and Turkey to conduct primary source research, which culminated in co-writing and directing an adaptation of Aeschylus' Greek Tragedy The Oresteia.


Community Profile

Number of Participants: 25

Living Location: Not Applicable

Classes: ENGL 101 and THEA 232

Duration: Fall Semester

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