About the Program

This is a learning community for psychology majors or students considering psychology majors where students take PSYC100: Psychology Seminar I - Foundations and PSYC110: General Psychology together. This learning community will provide students with the opportunity to grow personally and professionally through a variety of activities inside and outside of the classroom.

Classes You'll Take

PSYC100 - Psychology Seminar I-Foundations (2 cr.)

Fields of study and careers in psychology with focus on development of skills, attitudes, ethics, and habits to successfully master those fields and pursue those careers.

PSYC110 - General Psychology (3 cr.)

Psychology as a discipline and an applied science. Scientific methodology applied to behavior and mental processes. Examines learning, memory, perception. motivation, development, individual and group differences, mental health, the psychological and cultural basis for behavior, and applies psychological principles to human experience.


Where You Will Live

This is a non-residential learning community and is not linked to a residence hall or floor. On campus and commuter first year students are welcome.

What We Do

We will apply psychological theories in PSYC110 to our personal and professional development in PSYC100. Campus resources, professionals, organization and other psychology majors will work with us to develop the skills necessary to be a successful psychology and to begin our preparation for careers in the field. Service-learning and personal growth projects will enhances these experiences across the two courses.

Faculty and Staff

Chelsea Lovejoy_Final


Name: Dr. Chelsea Lovejoy
Academic Interests - motivation, failure, academic success, video games, & gamification

Personal Interests - Gardening, playing soccer, working out, playing with my cats, & traveling



Name: Kathryn Hamilton

My Hobbies and Interests - Teaching of psychology research, History of psychology, Riding bike on local bike trails, Golfing, Bowling, Reading murder mysteries, Watching movies

Community Profile

Number of Participants: 40

Living Location: Not Applicable

Classes: PSYC100 and PSYC110

Duration: Fall Semester