Leadership Awards


The Samuel E. Wood Medallion Award is presented annually by the Stout Student Association to seniors who have exhibited an outstanding degree of leadership and excellence while at UW-Stout. It is the most prestigious non-academic award any student at UW-Stout can achieve and is given to less than one percent of the full-time enrollment at UW-Stout. The medallion is a self-nominated award and involves an application process set forth by the SSA. For more history, eligibility requirements and deadlines visit the OrgSync application form. The application period for spring 2017 is currently closed.

Congratulations to our 2017 Recipients (Download List)


The leadership awards are presented annually by the Involvement Center for contributions made campus-wide within student organizations, advocacy, service, student employment and advising.  The nomination period opens at the beginning of each spring semester and all staff, faculty and students are eligible to make nominations.  All nominees are invited to and honored at the Leadership Awards Reception each spring with the winners being announced that evening.  To review each award and make a nomination visit the OrgSync form.  Nominations are currently closed for spring 2017.

Congratulations to our 2017 Nominees (Download List)

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Co-Op Student of the Year Award

The Outstanding Co-op Student of the Year Award is designed to honor outstanding Co-Op students who have made significant contributions to their employer while showing high levels of personal motivation and talent within their professional field. Experiencing a Co-op is an essential part of UW-Stout's career-focused mission and contributes to our high employment rate upon graduation. We are looking for students who displayed great professionalism, strong work ethic, and a willingness to work through obstacles while going above and beyond their job responsibilities and exceeding established performance standards. These students took advantage of this opportunity and used their Co-op position to its full-potential ultimately spring boarding their career as a successful professional all while positively representing themselves, their academic program and UW-Stout.




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Krista Proksch
Involvement Coordinator