UW-Stout contracts with Licensing Resource Group (LRG) to operate a licensing program for regulating the use of its registered marks on commercially marketed garments and imprinted products. Our licensing program:

  • prevents illegal or inappropriate use of the marks
  • generates funds for scholarships. 

Use of the marks on commercially produced items must be approved before manufacture. 

When making purchases through an unlicensed vendor, submit designs for approval to Printing Services via mail, fax or as an attachment in an e-mail. You will need verification that the unlicensed vendor can reproduce approved design as submitted (embroidery, screen printing).

Vendors producing for resale any product that displays a university mark must enter into a formal licensing agreement with LRG. Manufacturers that are not licensed and are using the marks may be subject to fines if that product is identified in audits of imprinted products.

For information on becoming a licensee, contact Printing Services or visit LRG online at www.lrgusa.com. A list of LRG-licensed manufacturers is available here, or check with the Printing Services office for assistance (715-232-2466).

Waiver of Licensing Fees

Certain university-related organizations and classes may use the registered marks and names without paying the licensing royalty fee, including:

  • Recognized student organizations, as defined by the university: Products that bear the marks or names of the university, which are for the sole benefit of that student organization and are sold or given away, are exempt from the royalty fee charged for commercial ventures, but should be manufactured by and purchased from licensed vendors whenever possible.
  • Classes which manufacture products as a course requirement:  The use of the mark or name must conform to the UW-Stout Identity Standards.
  • Classes which resell products, as a course requirement, that are manufactured by commercial companies:  may use the registered marks and names on their products, but must purchase those products from licensed manufacturers, and the products are subject to the licensing royalty fee.

These groups must obtain approval and a written waiver from the university’s licensing administrator prior to using the marks. Contact Printing Services or University Marketing (identity@uwstout.edu) to submit a design proposal.

When ordering a product using nonpaper substrates, such as fabric or plastics, select the color option closest to the official colors. If you are unsure which option is closest, Printing Services or University Marketing will help you make a selection from a swatchbook.

Contact Information

University Marketing
15 Administration Building
Menomonie, Wisconsin 54751

Printing Services
140 University Services Building
Menomonie, Wisconsin 54751
Printing:  715-232-5257
Licensed merchandise: 715-232-2466