On the primary identifier, the shield may be: 

  • PMS 280
  • White
  • 50% Black
  • Black

For each shield color, a complementary selection of colors is available for the rectangle. As a result, units are able to create a consistent look for themselves within the standard look for the university, if they so desire.

Using Official Colors

A primary identifier has been created to serve as a unifying visual device to tie all UW-Stout print communications together. This identifier consists of the following elements:

  • A one-color logo presented in a shield
  • An adjacent rectangle positioned to the right of or below the shield
  • Unit or department information

Official Secondary Colors - PMS

(See hexadecimal equivalents)

Secondary colors red, orange, yellow

Secondary colors brown, tan, beige, olive, green

Secondary colors dark olive, teal, light blue, blue gray, turquoise

Secondary colors blues


Official Primary Colors - PMS

(See hexadecimal equivalents)

Primary colors blue, white, black

copper, gray