Your Safety

UW-Stout has a strong sense of community. The following departments and websites will provide you information about staying safe and how to respond when a concern or situation arises.

Health and Safety

The Health and Safety Unit is comprised of University Police and Parking, Safety and Risk Management Services, University Student Health, and Emergency Management is lead by James Uhlir, Executive Director, and is located in the University Services Building, Room 130 and can be reached at 715/232-2188.

University Police

University Police are responsible for all enforcement violations of the law(s) for: state, federal and UW Stout Chapter 17 and 18. These laws are strictly enforced for the utmost protection of faculty, staff and students. The University Police provide emergency assistance, remove unauthorized personnel from buildings, take theft, vandalism and accident reports, conduct criminal investigation, secure buildings and rooms, administer first aid and provide other related services.

After hours and on weekends, you can contact the University Police officer on duty by calling the main University Police number x-222 which will automatically transfer you to the Dunn County Dispatch Center. Advise them you need a University Police officer. During normal business hours, you can get in touch with University Police at the University Services Building.

Emergency Management

UW-Stout utilizes a multifaceted emergency communications system named StoutAlert that is operated by Rave Mobile Safety. StoutAlert allows university officials to send one clear message through multiple channels, including:

  • Email
  • Text message
  • RSS feeds on the website
  • Social media posts

All UW-Stout students, faculty and staff will be registered on the StoutAlert system.  You will have access to StoutAlert at the beginning of the term that you are registered for, or once your employment status is verified.  An informational email will be sent out once you are in the system.  Everyone will receive email alerts, via your university email account. You may not opt out of receiving these. 

To expand notification options, please login to StoutAlert and take one or all of these actions:

  • Enter additional email addresses if you wish
  • Enter additonal cell phone numbers if you wish

** This system will ONLY be used for essential, official university communications. Your cell number is not accessible, nor will it be used to text you for anything other than official messages sent through StoutAlert.

Also, receive current information by doing the following:

StoutAlert will post notifications to these pages and sites.

Safety and Risk Management

Safety and Risk Management provides the students, faculty, staff, and visitors at UW-Stout with a safe, healthy, and functional environment for learning and living. Their main goal is to provide and maintain an environment that will enhance and support the mission and academic goals of the University.

Employee Assistant Program

The UW Stout Employee Assistance Program provides confidential, professional consultation and referral services to help employees and their families resolve problems that affect their personal lives or job performance. When you have a personal concern, you or a member of your family may call the EAP to request an appointment with a professional counselor. All services of the EAP are voluntary, free and confidential.

Worker’s Compensation

Wisconsin statutes provide that an employee “suffering from an injury while performing service growing out of an incidental to his or her employment” is entitled to worker’s compensation benefits. All accidents (whether or not medical attention is necessary) must be immediately reported to your supervisor, who will promptly investigate and report it to the Human Resources Office.