Professional Development

UW-Stout encourages all employees to foster personal and career growth by participating in professional development opportunities. Most seminars are offered at no cost to employees and typically last two to four hours. Programs are designed to provide practical tips that can be applied immediately, and cover a variety of topics.

The Stout EDGE allows employees to get a well-rounded vision of the university while providing important day-to-day information.

The Jeff Russell Leadership and Professional Development Certificate Program provides development of leadership competencies among all staff at all levels of the university and it accomplishes this through dynamic and interactive sessions that are based on current and emerging issues.

The Nakatani Teaching and Learning Center is devoted to the support of teaching and learning in the academic community. The center provides an array of professional development opportunities for the faculty and staff of UW-Stout. Some events are one-time offerings requiring an hour of time, whereas others are more in-depth and require long term active participation.

A variety of other Professional Leadership and Development opportunities are available on and/or off campus.

Tuition Reimbursement

Faculty and Staff employed by the University may be eligible to receive a percentage of their courses reimbursed for job or career related coursework, as well as funding for professional development opportunities.

Professional Education Programs and Continuing Education Credit Opportunities

UW-Stout Outreach Services provides professional development educational opportunities around the state and across the nation. Professional education programs are offered in many different content areas awarding Continuing Education Units (CEU's) which may be used for certification and license renewal in various professions. Optional college credit is also available with some programs.

A variety of continuing education credit opportunities are offered for learners to access courses or programs in several formats: online, ITV, self-paced, off-campus traditional and on-campus courses. We offer graduate degree programs, degree completion programs, professional development for educators online, and certificate and certification programs.

Online Training Tutorials

UW-Stout offers software training tutorials from . Each software title has a series of streaming Quicktime videos demonstrating various features or procedures, plus exercise tutorial files that can be downloaded to your computer allowing you to practice on your own.