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Notification about Long Term Care Insurance Plans

Each year, long term insurance plans authorized by the Department of Employee Trust Funds may send out one piece of advertisement to employees and annuitants. The HealthChoice notice is shown below.

In addition to offering long term care insurance, HealthChoice also provides CareOptions services to all State, University of Wisconsin and UW Hospitals & Clinics Employees, Annuitants and their family members at no charge and with no insurance purchase required. To use this service, simply click on the button in the email to request an information packet. HealthChoice will then send you a confirmation email that will contain a CareOptions access code. The CareOptions Program can assist you and your family members with issues related to wellness, illness, disability or aging. The CareOptions service can help you create Living Wills (advance directives for health care), conduct health care provider searches, medical information research and long-term care planning.

Additional information about LTCi can found on the OHRWD website at:

Date: February 2017
TO: Employees, Annuitants and their family members
RE: Inflation Options and Cash Benefit Long-term Care Insurance

Simply click here to request an information packet

On March 25, 2015, the Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF) authorized the release of lower-cost inflation protection options for the MutualCare Custom Solution® underwritten by Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company. This long-term care insurance policy is available to employees, annuitants and their family members. (Spouse, domestic partner, parents and in-laws are all eligible to apply.)

Each year, many Americans lose income, savings and assets because of long-term care expenses. Your group’s long-term care insurance is designed to help protect against the high costs of long-term care services if you or a family member can no longer perform activities of daily living without the need for assistance. For many, long-term care insurance is an important part of planning for their long-term financial security.

The MutualCare Custom Solution policy offers additional built-in benefits that include:

• Cash benefit can be used to pay for services to support your plan of care. You simply receive the full monthly cash benefit you select to pay for anything at all…family travel expenses, lost income, housekeeping services or other out-of-pocket expenses. There’s no need to collect or submit bills.

• Cash benefits paid on the first day of need with no waiting period, allowing you to receive care in the environment you’re most comfortable in with the choice of who can be your caregiver, including spouse/partner, family members or friends. The immediate cash benefit also gives you total control of how you’re spending your benefit dollars.

• Lower cost inflation options that give you more flexibility in policy benefit choices.

To receive an information packet regarding your long-term care Insurance options simply click here to request an information packet. You may also call HealthChoice toll-free at 1-800-833-5823 or in the Madison area at 833-5823 or email: Direct information link; click or paste in your web browser’s address line: