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HRS/TAM Upgrade Outage

The UW Service Center in Madison will be implementing a version upgrade to the Human Resources System (HRS) at the end of February. This upgrade will change the “look and feel” of HRS and implement functionality improvements to the system. (More on that soon)

The upgrade will cause an outage for several days so we wanted to provide the campus some advance notice to prepare.

HRS (including TAM) will not be available at all from 12:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 22nd through Sunday, February 26th. We expect HRS and TAM to be available again on Monday, February 27th; however, the timing on that date is to be determined.

This outage will not allow any access to HRS and TAM so here are some items to plan for:
  • Student employees will not be able to punch in/out. The Missed Punch Form should be completed for hours worked during this time period and supervisors can then enter this information on the timesheet once HRS is available. 
  • TAM will be unavailable so plan screening of applications and application deadlines accordingly.
  • Any new employees who are approaching the enrollment deadline for their benefits self-service should make their elections prior to the outage.
  • University Staff and temporary employees (formerly LTE’s) will not have access to update timesheets or submit absence requests. 
  • Supervisors will not be able to approve payable time or absence requests. The upgrade is not happening at the end of a pay period so this should not be an issue.
Thank you for your patience during this upgrade. Please submit an AskHR ticket with any questions. 


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