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2013 WRS Annual Statement of Benefits

If you were covered by the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) in 2013, your WRS Annual Statement of Benefits is now available online in My UW System. Log in to the portal and go to the Benefit Information module and click on the Statements tab. Click on "ETF Annual Statement of Benefits (WRS) Issued 2014" to view and print your statement.

The WRS Annual Statement of Benefits provides you with information about your Wisconsin Retirement System account as of January 1, 2014. Information on the statement includes 2013 WRS earnings and creditable service, total years of WRS creditable service, and separation and death benefit calculations. You should review this statement closely for accuracy.

Statement Section 2 - After Act 10 Service

The name of your retirement category is in both Sections 1 and 2 of the Statement. If you are in a General, Teacher or Protective retirement category, all of your creditable service will be listed in the "Before 2000" and/or "After 1999" columns in Section 2 of the Statement.

Only employees in an Elected or Executive retirement category will have creditable service in the "After Act 10" column. 2011 Wisconsin Act 10 changed the way retirement benefits are calculated for Elected/Executive category employees so service earned after Act 10 must be tracked separately for this group of employees.

Information to Help You Understand Your WRS Statement

ETF Online Webinars - Understanding Your Statement of Benefits

Information Regarding Interest Rates and Annuity Adjustments

Please note that if you have recently been upgraded to Firefox 19 (with a new built-in PDF viewer) you may find your statement unreadable in My UW System. For workaround instructions visit: Please contact your institution's IT helpdesk if further assistance is needed.

If you have questions about your statement, please contact the UW Stout HR office by creating an AskHR ticket.