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Biometric Screening Opportunity


All employees (and their adult family members) enrolled in a State Health Plan can participate in a biometric screening and complete a health risk survey to qualify for the $150 incentive

Wednesday, April 2, 6:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.,  Sports and Fitness Center, Room 32/Athletic Training Room  Human Resources/UW-Stout Wellness will be hosting a biometric screening for employees, spouses, and adult dependents (age 18 and older) covered under a state health insurance plan.

The WELLNESS FAIR will be from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Sports and Fitness Center, MPR                          

How to register for the onsite biometric screening and earn the $150 incentive?

Go to the Well Wisconsin website to register for an onsite biometric screening through Optum's online scheduling system. Scroll to Menomonie/UW-Stout.  Participants are required to complete the two steps below to qualify for the $150 incentive.

1. Participate in a biometric screening

The biometric screening may be done at the event above or with your physician. Get up-to-date results on your height, weight, and Body Mass Index (BMI), cholesterol level (LDL and HDL), glucose measurement, and blood pressure. For more information on completing a biometric screening with your physician, visit your health plan link at  Use the results from your biometric screening to complete the health risk survey.

2. Complete the health risk survey provided by your health plan

Visit and click on your health insurance provider located on the left hand side of the page. Then find where to take their survey. This quick, easy survey will ask a range of questions including your daily stress level, family medical history, and typical meal plan. The survey is designed to help you gauge well-being factors to pinpoint possible health risks.

Once the biometric screening and health survey are completed, the incentive is issued by your health insurance provider and may take up to 12 weeks before you receive the incentive payment.

What to Expect at an onsite biometric screening?

At the onsite screening, you will:

  • be asked to verify your identity with Optum staff (driver's license, etc.) and proof of insurance. You will then go through a series of staffed stations for the biometric screening

At the end of the screening, you will be given a wellness tip sheet to help understand the results versus clinical ranges, the impact of your numbers on health status and information to improve your results. To ensure proper clinical follow-up, you will also be encouraged to share the biometric screening results with your primary care provider.

Individual information is strictly confidential. In accordance with the law, and with member's consent, the results will be shared with your health plan for administration of incentives, wellness programing, and other health plan activities.

To learn more about your wellness assessment, go to