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Annual Benefit Enrollment (ABE) Period is Coming!

Don't miss your once a year opportunity to enrollor make changes to your benefits!

The Annual Benefit Enrollment (ABE) period is October 7 -November 1, 2013 for all participating plans.

Detailed benefit information about the Annual BenefitEnrollment period will be provided on it becomes available. You will receive an email from "UW HRAdministration" just prior to the beginning of the enrollment period. Youwill also receive benefits-related emails from Mary Kay Sankey (, your local benefits manager, throughout the enrollment period.

Attend Your Benefits Fair

You are invited to attend your annual benefits fair on Tuesday, October 8 from 10a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Merle Price Commons Glass Lounge. This isyour opportunity to meet with staff from the health plans and other benefitvendors. See the Health and Benefits Flyer for additional information.  See a full list of UW-sponsored benefit fairs at:

Benefit Changes Allowed During the Annual BenefitEnrollment Period

You will be eligible to enroll in, make changes to or cancelthe following benefit plans during the ABE period:

·State Group HealthInsurance

·VSP Vision Insurance

·EPIC Benefits+

·Employee Reimbursement Account (ERA) Program (Flexible Spending Accounts) - must re-enroll every year

The following plans allow you to make changes to yourcurrent coverage during the ABE period:

·Dental Wisconsin –remove dependents or cancel coverage

·Individual and FamilyLife Insurance – increase coverage level (maximum coverage levels areincreasing for 2014)

Important Notefor WEA Trust NW Health Plan Participants:

WEA Trust Northwest will offer two distinct providernetworks – the Chippewa Valley or the Mayo Health System. You must selectone network for yourself and any covered family members. Last week WEAsent a letter to the home address of all current participants explaining thenetwork options along with instructions to choose your network. You canuse the online selection form at call WEA at 800-279-4000to choose your preferred network for you and your family. Participants who do not respond to WEA byselecting a network will be placed in the network indicated in the letter basedon the providers they have seen in the past.