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Academic Staff Request for Change in Prefix/Title
Academic Staff (Category A) Title Survey -Short Form
Academic Staff (Category A) Titling - Long Form
Academic Staff (Category B) Title Survey
Address Change Procedure
Application for State Employment
Background Check Request Form
Beneficiary Information for H1B and PERM
Catastrophic Leave, Donor Authorization
Catastrophic Leave, Applicant Eligibility Verification Form
Catastrophic Leave, Application
Change of Responsibility-Unclassified
Classified Nomination Form
Classified Non-selection Grid
Classified (12 Month) Payroll Schedule for 2012, 20132014-2015 
Classified Sick Leave Conversion Worksheet
Confidentiality Statement
Create New Job Opening Form
Departmental Staffing Forms
Direct Deposit Form  
DMC (Discretionary Merit Compensation) Form and Instructions
Ed Prep Code Change Form 
Election to Participate in the Variable Trust Fund
Employee Grievance Report Form
Employee Resignation/Retirement Template
Employee Transfer Template
Employee's Work Injury and Illness Report
Employer and Insurance Carrier Instructions
Employer's First Report of Injury or Disease
Emergency Contact Information
Emergency Contact Change Procedure (For current employees)
ES Forms: ES5/ES6
Exception to Acad Staff Rule on Multiple Yr Contracts
Exit Checklist
Family & Medical Leave Act Employee Request 
Graduate Assistantship Rate of Pay Chart for 2012-2013
Graduate Assistantship Rate of Pay Chart for 2013-2014
Graduate Assistantship Rate of Pay Chart for 2014-2015
Health Insurance Application/Change form 
I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification
Label Request Form
Labor Market Availability Restriction Statement
Limited Term Online Application
Limited Term Employment Checklist 
Limited Term Employment - Candidate

Limited Term Employment - Extension
Limited Term Employment - New Position
Limited Term Employment - Termination
Limited Term Employment - Wage Rate Change
Limited Term Employment - Pay Rates Chart
New Hire Checklist
Overload Form
Outside Activities
Performance Evaluation - Faculty
Annual Performance Evaluation EEO Assessment
Performance Evaluation - AS/Ltd/Prob
Performance Review, Classified
Personnel Action Form
Position Description (DER-DCC-10) 
Promotion Application Instructions
Promotion Application
Summary of Promotion Action
Promotion FAQ
Promotion Timeline
Personnel Rules for Promotion (Faculty)
Reclassification Request Form & Instructions 
Recruitment Approval Form - Perm 
Recruitment Approval Form - Project
Sabbatical Timeline
Sabbatical Application
Salary Reduction Agreement Form
Stout Application
Stout Online ES Form
Student Payroll Schedule 2013-2014
Student Payroll Schedule 2014-2015
Student Raise/Reclassification Request
Supervisor Orientation Checklist
Supervisor's Accident Analysis and Prevention Report
Telephone Reference Form
Tenure Timeline 2013-14
Tuition Reimbursement Form
Tuition Reimbursement Policy
Unclassified Academic Payroll Calendar (9 Month) 2013-20142014-2015 
Unclassified Academic Staff & Faculty Payroll Schedule (12 Month) 20132014, 2015  
Unclassified Blank Paid Leave Form
Unclassified Salary Adjustments Outside of the Normal State Raise Process Policy
Unclassified Staff Identified Work Week Form 
UW-Stout Online Academic Contract
W4 - Federal/State Tax Form 
WC 5-Yr Medical Form
WC Medical Authorization HIPPA
WC Mileage Record
Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Enrollment Form
WRS Estimate Request Form