Sexual Misconduct

UW-Stout is committed to providing equal employment and educational opportunities. In particular, the University is committed to maintaining a community, in which students, faculty, and staff can work and learn together in an atmosphere, on and off campus free of all forms of discrimination, including sexual misconduct.

Sexual misconduct is a term used to describe many behaviors including sexual harassment, sexual violence, and/or discrimination and harassment based on sex or gender. Examples of actions that constitute sexual misconduct include, but are not limited to: rape, sexual assault, unwelcome sexual advances, stalking, domestic violence, unwelcome verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, sexual exploitation and coercion of others. In addition to being prohibited by University policy, sexual misconduct is also prohibited by a federal law known as Title IX. Title IX prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any educational program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance. In accordance with these requirements, UW-Stout takes immediate and effective steps torespond to sexual misconduct.

Individuals with questions or concerns about sexual misconduct including sexual harassment may contact the University’s Title IX Coordinator. Please see the Non-Discrimination Policy (For Employees, Vendors, Contractors, Subcontractors,Program Participants, and Visitors or Users of UW-Stout Services) and the Sexual Harassment Policy for additional detailed information. 

*The U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights (OCR) is the division of the federal government charged with enforcing compliance with Title IX. Information regarding OCR can be found at