University Personnel Systems (UPS) Development

What is UPS?

The 2011-13 biennial budget created Wisconsin Statute 36.115, which authorizes and directs the UW to develop two new personnel systems – one for all UW-Madison employees, and separately, one for the balance of all UW System employees.

Currently, the UW is governed by rules and procedures of the Office of State Employment Relations (OSER) under Chapter 230 of the Wisconsin Statutes, like other state agencies. The new personnel system will not be tied to OSER and instead will be governed by the Board of Regents and the UW System Administration.

These systems are being referred to as “University Personnel Systems” or UPS. They can be thought of as the structures we use for personnel matters, for example; how employees are recruited and appointed, what titles are used, how are compensation rates determined, how people promote, etc. UW System has stated that we should not expect the new UPS to provide everyone with pay raises (and otherwise solve all problems), but it is an opportunity to create a structure that is more stream-lined and efficient.

The new UPS must be in place by July 1, 2013. Given the need for the Board of Regents and legislative approval before implementation, the work on UPS has already started and will continue, at an urgent pace.


The two university personnel systems will be developed by taking the aspects of the unclassified and classified service that work best and creating one system of university employment.  The goal is to develop a process to identify personnel policies that have worked well – and that will continue to work well when more authority is delegated to the UW institutions. The systems will also maintain commitment to and the integrity of the UW System's ongoing goal of a diverse and highly qualified workforce. Some specific objectives include:

  • simplification of titling structures
  • protection of existing employee rights
  • establishment of a compensation structure that enables the UW System to recruit and retain the best, most diverse, and most qualified employees.

For more information please visit the UW System's webpage on the topic of the University Personnel System.  This webpage includes a wealth of information, including the goals of the new systems, the members of the committees and work groups, an FAQ, a timeline, and more.

UW-Stout Employees on UPS Work Groups Members

  • Jo Anderson, Accountant - Journey - Compensation Work Group
  • Kat Lui, Associate Dean & Professor - Employee Environment Work Group
  • Julie Watts, Associate Dean & Associate Professor - Employee Movement Work Group
  • Bob Peters, Associate Dean & Professor - Recruitment & Assessment Work Group