As you exit employment from the University of Wisconsin - Stout, there are responsibilities and obligations that need to be kept in order to ensure a smooth transition.  The guide found in the drop down below should be used by employees who are exiting for the following reasons:

  • Retirement
  • Resignation
  • Non-renewal of contract
  • Obtained employment with another Wisconsin State Agency
The guide will act as a resource in order to guarantee a successful exit from UW - Stout.


Guide for Exiting Employees

  1. All employees (excluding non-extended LTEs) must submit their completed retirement/resignation letter as an e-mail or hard copy a minimum of two weeks prior to departure. Send this retirement/resignation letter to your supervisor.
  2. Contact the benefits staff to discuss your benefit options or to determine optimal resignation/retirement date. Visit the AskHR link to request a meeting.
  3. Complete the Exit Checklist
    • Once HR receives the resignation/retirement letter, they will begin processing your request and you will be sent an exit checklist reminder.
    • The checklist must be signed by your supervisor and returned to HR on or before you last day. 
  4. An acknowledgment letter will be sent from either the HR director (classified) or the chancellor (unclassified).
  5. Enter paid leave/worked hours by employment end date
    • Classified Employees: Update timesheets and enter absence request
    • Unclassified Employees: Enter paid leave in the MyUW portal through last day in pay status, and review portal page missing leave reports
  6. Return any campus property, including electronics. If you had possession of a table or mobile device, please wipe all personal documents and passwords.  Also, please perform remaining tasks that are unique to your department or position regarding your departure; this may include entering grades, transferring in-progress projects to colleagues, clearing your workspace, etc. 

  7. Contact your supervisor or AskHR with any questions