Fire Hazards

For yur safety and the safety of others, do not decorate/furnish your room with highly combustible materials; examples of items not to use include cloth, parachutes, flags, fishnets, wall hangings, and products of crepe paper or styrofoam. Natural vegetation of a combustible nature, such as Christmas trees, evergreen boughs, and birch logs, are not permitted in the residence halls.

Candles (lit or unlit), lanterns, incense, and other open flames of any type are not permitted in student rooms, lounges, and other public areas of the residence halls.

Some halogen lights can produce high levels of heat. We recommend that you purchase low-temperature halogen lights and ones that provide protective covers over the bulbs

The use and storage of flammable cleaning materials and explosives (including gun powder) is prohibited within the residence hall. The possession and use of firecrackers and other fireworks is prohibited. Use of firecrackers, gun powder, or other explosive materials is a violation of university policy, state and civil law. Negligent handling of any potentially flammable materials is a violation of state statutes. Infractions will result in both University disciplinary action and civil action.

Only electrical power strips with an on/off switch, 15-amp circuit breaker and 3-prong plug-in are permitted. No other multiple socket outlet, including "octopus" outlets or other forms of multiple outlet extension cords are permitted. Only extension cords six feet in length or less with triple ground plug-ins are permitted. Do not string wire or extension cords under rugs, over hooks, or any place where they may be subject to wear or mechanical damage. Do not tamper with or alter any electrical outlets or light switches. Specifically, do not add dimmer switches. Installation of additional electrical wiring is not permitted.

Residents are required to remove and/or re-arrange any decorations and furnishings which are deemed a fire hazard by University Housing Staff, University Police, University Staff, or the Menomonie Fire Department. Failure to comply with fire regulations will result in University discipline and/or civil action. Students who violate policy will be held liable in the event of a fire and subsequent damage and injury.

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